Weapon barons from National Guard  

Weapon barons from National Guard
Photo: The CrimeRussia

The situation that exists in Russia regarding the circulation of civilian weapons, their issuance, storage, and training of people in the possession of guns has been repeatedly investigated by various media. However, there is one thing that never changes. Namely, this direction is extremely corrupt, and the flows of licensing of weapons and security means in all regions of the country are closely tied to local clans that determine the real policy and issue licenses and permits for firearms and the activities of private security companies. At the same time, the transfer of control functions from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the National Guard did not only reduce nepotism, but strengthened it. A real example of this is the situation in the Kursk region, which was reported to us by a source from law enforcement agencies.

It all started with one person, Nikolay Tokarev – a pensioner of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and a former head of the department of licensing and permitting work of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Kursk region. 


Nikolay Tikarev

According to sources, Tokarev has extensive connections in the local law enforcement system. The specified person is also a founder, co-founder and head of a number of local organizations of the area of weapons and security such as Garantiya-Plus FVE PF Obyedinenie Garantiya-Plus LLC, Kolchuga-Kursh LLC, Kontakt LLC, KROOSSK Vystrel, and Federatsiya Stendovoy Strelby KRFSOO. All listed companies are somehow related to Tokarev's professional activities. Now this really smells of corruption, or rather to the legalization of income from it.


All of the above organizations are engaged in activities for the additional professional education of directors and security guards of the Kursk region security organizations, a periodical check of security guards for suitability to act in conditions associated with the use of firearms and special means, and the provision of shooting ranges for organizing shooting practice for regional power structures as well as for shooting competitions. 

It is curious that Tokarev’s business partner is another former official of a “specialized” direction, ex-Head of the Center for Licensing and Permission Work of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Kursk region, Police Colonel Albert Vitalyevich Rusanov. He is also the husband of Senior Assistant to the Prosecutor of the Kursk region for media relations, Tatyana Rusanova.


Tatyana Rusanova


Albert Rusanov

Albert Rusanov is a co-founder and nominee leader of organizations controlled by Nikolay Tokarev, including the Regional Sports Public Organization Federation of Practical Shooting of the Kursk region” (RSOO FPS KO) and the Association Regional Industrial Association of Employers in the Field of Safety and Security of the Kursk Region. It must be a nice little pension bonus. But why does it resemble the creation of an organization for a specific person as payment for... Most likely, for doing “small services” on position. It is hard to say who needed this. To do this, you need to carefully study the entire “track record” of the orders of the retired colonel.


Albert Rusanov

According to our sources, Nikolay Tokarev does not hide and even flaunts the fact of close acquaintance with Acting Head of the General Directorate of State Control and Licensing (GULRiGK) of the National Guard of the Russian Federation, Major General of Police Anatoly Anatolyevich Malikov, who is also the executive secretary of the Coordinating Council for Private Security Activities at the Federal Service of the National Guard Forces Command of the Russian Federation. It is hard to say whether it is truth or not. But one “minor" fact speaks in favor of this version. Namely, how quickly Tokarev's sons get promoted in service. In their service, both of them are in direct contact with their father, which also creates a conflict of interest. 


Anatoly Malikov

Until the end of 2018, Aleksandr Nikolayevich Tokarev, the son of Nikolay Tokarev, was an active employee of the National Guard – senior inspector on special assignments of the Central Commission for the Law of the Russian Guard in the Kursk region. In late 2018, he was transferred to the post of inspector of the Center for Licensing and Permitting of the State Directorate of the National Guard in Moscow. With the direct support of Police Major-General Anatoly Malikov, he miraculously “rose” to the post of head of the Central Humanitarian Directorate of the State Guard of the National Guard of Russia in Moscow in just six months. The source says he lives in Malikov's place. We do not know how he pays for the stay. But rumor has it the general does not feel like kicking him out. What causes such favour – whether it is the male friendship of the young and old officer, Malikov’s friendship with Tokarev Sr., or something else remains a mystery, which we have not yet been able to unveil.


Alexander and Evgeny Tokarev

However, sources report verifiable information that Evgeny Nikolayevich Tokarev is the son of Nikolay Dmitrievich Tokarev, who, as an active employee of the National Guard, takes the chair of the deputy head of the department of licensing and permitting work in Kursk and the Kursk district of the Central Administrative District of the National Guard Office in the Kursk region. It is worth recalling what exactly these units are doing in the National Guard Forces Command. The question is simple and the answer is also simple.

Their main tasks are:

  • Federal state control (supervision) over compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of arms trafficking in the territory of the Kursk region;

  • Federal state control (supervision) over compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of private security and private detective activity in the territory of the Kursk region;

  • The provision of public services in the field of arms trafficking and private security activities, including in electronic form;

As for the post of deputy head of the territorial division suggests that in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation and regulatory legal acts of the Russian Guard, Evgeny Tokarev’s competence includes:

  • Provision of government services in the field of arms trafficking, private security and private detective activities;

  • Keeping records of weapons and ammunition for it in accordance with federal law;

  • The control of the circulation of civilian, service and premium weapons, ammunition, the safety and technical condition of military small arms and service weapons that are temporarily used by citizens and organizations, as well as compliance by citizens and organizations with the laws of the Russian Federation in the field of arms trafficking.

And finally:

  • The control over the activities of private security organizations and private detectives. Tokarev also participates in monitoring compliance by organizations engaged in educational activities with professional training programs for private security guards and private detectives and additional professional programs for heads of private security organizations with the requirements and conditions established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Based on this, it is clear that, most likely, the aforementioned conflict of interests does exist and the corruption component between father and son is very likely. Both of them cannot but know the current legislation, under which, in accordance with Art. 10 Federal Law of December 25, 2008 No. 273-FZ “On Combating Corruption”:

A conflict of interest refers to a situation in which the personal interest (direct or indirect) of a person who is filling a position, the filling of which requires an obligation to take measures to prevent and resolve a conflict of interest, affects or may affect the proper, objective and impartial performance of their official (service) duties (exercise of authority).

Personal interest refers to the possibility of obtaining income in the form of money, other property, including property rights, property-related services, results of work performed or any benefits (advantages) by a person who is obliged to take measures to prevent and resolve a conflict of interest, and (or) by persons closely related to them (parents, spouses, children, brothers, sisters, as well as brothers, sisters, parents, children of their spouses and spouses of their children), citizens or organizations with which the named person and (or) persons who are closely related to them are connected with property, corporate or other close relations.

In addition, if we look at the statistics of training of private security guards in the region, it will become clear that over five years, most of the representatives of this profession have been studying at the Garantiya-Plus ChU DPO (Nikolay Tokarev is one of its founders). In Kursk, just like in any major regional center, there are two more alternative educational institutions, Uchebny Tsentr Dinamo ChOU DPO (‘Dinamo Training Center’) and South-West State University Center for the professional training of security experts. In all fairness, it should be noted that the quality of services of the Dinamo Training Center raised a number of reasonable questions from the Ministry of Internal Affairs some time ago. But the flaws were corrected, and the “semi-departmental” educational institution was preserved.

Thus, the simplest analysis of the situation tells us (in bureaucratic language) that in violation of part 3 and 4 of Art. 71 of the Federal Law of 30.11.2011 No. 342-FZ “On Service in the Internal Affairs Bodies of the Russian Federation and Amending Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation,” employee of the Center for Licensing and Permitting of the National Guard Directorate in the Kursk region, Evgeny Nikolaevich Tokarev did not take measures to prevent and resolve a conflict of interest with Nikolay Tokarev, as well as with his business partner Albert Rusanov, who plays a secondary role.



The fact that at the time of writing this material, there was a “purge” in the National Guard Office in the Kursk region, during which, for various reasons, a number of OMON, UVO, and the department of licensing and permitting work employees of the National Guard Office in the Kursk region were retired for various reasons, does not interfere with all this. At the same time, according to reports, when the new head of the National Guard was appointed and moved to Kursk, Nikolay Tokarev also paid for his rented housing. Konstantin Obushev spends his free time in the shooting community Vystrel owned by Nikolay Tokarev. If necessary, this information can easily be confirmed by raising the data from the Potok photo-recording system of citizens’ motor vehicles and billing official calls.

The most curious thing is that, according to people familiar with the situation in the Kursk department of licensing and permitting work of the National Guard, it exists there for quite some time. For more than 5 years, to be precise. The quiet “privatization” of the arms and security segments of the market began back when the licensing and permit department was subordinate to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Back then, it was protected by former Head of the Internal Security Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Kursk region and person involved in a number of investigations of The CrimeRussia, Police Colonel Vitaliy Kazakov. It is hard to say whether it is truth or not. It is only known that the “kiosk-vodka” business of the said security official, registered to his relatives, flourished even in the most difficult times and the family was not going to give up on it. It is hard to say now at whose expense the business was kept afloat. After all, kiosks could subsist on corruption money. The whole story is not very clear.


Konstantin Obushev

A little more light is shed on the fact that according to some sources, the baton of protection over Tokarev and Co. was picked up by current main police “osobist” Andrey Zaytsev. He keeps a low profile. Not much is known about his biography, so he remains little known to the general public. It is also unknown how exactly the policeman gained the heart of Major General Grigory Kulik, who was dismissed as chief of Kursk MIA Main Directorate. But it is known for sure that the former head of the local Ministry of Internal Affairs promoted this particular employee to a high post in Kursk from Astrakhan, where he used to live. At first, Zaytsev took a chair in the regional department for the fight against organized crime. Not having worked there for a year, he “jumped” to the post of head of the Internal Security Department, reliably covering his boss’s back and cutting off any classified information about his benefactor in Moscow. This practice of appointing a person dependent on the general as the main “security guard” is certainly vicious. But the Ministry of Internal Affairs turned a blind eye to this and let the right person be appointed. Admittedly, there were plenty of such persons.


Vataly Kozakov


The main “personnel officer” of the Kursk regional police, Oleg Svitkin, was also “invited” by Kulik. The aggregate control over the staff and the Internal Security Department Operations and Search Division freed the hands of the scandalous general.


Andrey Zaytsev

To some extent, the only good thing is that the channel for supplying objective data to Moscow was partially provided by another agency, according to which it was Zaytsev who bought a Lexus LX570 jeep registered in his wife's name in the spring of 2018, having acquired it from the previous owner for the amount of about half a million rubles at the market value ranging from 2 to 3 million rubles.

Sources say the deal was a disguised bribe to a patron for assistance with security business. Which is also quite difficult to establish. Indirect signs are not in Zaitsev’s favor, because it is the chief of the Internal Security Department, concentrating a lot of threads in his hands, who can protect this or that businessman or employee from the attention of the police, “unnecessary” questions from the OEBiPK, and “solve” sticking points with the National Guard’s own security, which was also formed from his former “wards”... Yes indeed, this tank has many other opportunities for influencing the situation. Especially since, judging by the prosperity of Tokarev’s affairs, there is more than one patron.


Oleg Svirkin

In addition to all that has been said (as employees of one of the supervisory structures of the region’s power block told us), the chief agent is responsible for one more sin. Namely, the strange and inexplicable friendship with Denis Lazarev, head of the OEBiPK of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Kursk region. Lazarev is yet another minion that came along with Grigory Kulik to control cash flows and provide mutual services. The officers meet in the Save cafe. Only an outside reader may find this friendship strange. Anyone who is familiar with the ongoing processes knows that vodka is what connects these people. In this case, we are not talking about having a drink, but general protection of the illegal transit of counterfeit alcohol.


A certain shadow businessman – Viktor Morozov aka Pukhly – assists them in this profitable business. It was he who, having been detained several times by police officers for falsifying vodka excises, escaped criminal prosecution. The seized alcohol (more than one and a half hundred thousand bottles total) was safely sold by security forces, as any inspection can confirm when deciding to determine the fate of the illegal product and learning that it is not in the warehouses and premises of the internal affairs bodies.



At this point, the fact that these people and their dependent employees can make a variety of decisions far removed from the aspirations of people in pursuit of their short-term interests is really alarming. It is only by a fortunate chance that the work of such “controllers” not yet turned into something very tragic.



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