Wanted Vladikavkaz ex-Mayor charged with another $1.3 million

Wanted Vladikavkaz ex-Mayor charged with another $1.3 million
Sergey Dzantiev

Sergey Dzantiev has been on the run since December 2016 after he was charged with misappropriation and embezzlement of 30 million budget rubles ($529.4 thousand), as well as with fraudulent activities involving the sale of land.⁠

Former Mayor of Vladikavkaz, Sergey Dzantiev, became a defendant of another criminal case on scams worth of 75 million rubles ($1.3m).

According to the investigation, in 2010 the leadership of Vladikavkaz administration leased about 30 hectares of land for housing construction to a construction organization. According to the agreement, the tenant was obliged to build an engineering infrastructure on this site, in-site engineering networks and to landscape the territory in general at his own expense. However, in violation of the terms of the contract part of the work was carried out at the expense of the city administration. Thus, it transpired that a commercial construction company was allocated 75 million rubles ($1.3m) for the work on the energy supply of the microdistrict. This sum was transferred to the firm at the direction of Sergey Dzantiev, who at that time held the post of Head of the local administration of Vladikavkaz. A criminal case has been instituted against him under part 2 of Art. 286 of the Criminal Code (Exceeding Official Powers).

Moreover, investigators of the MIA in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania initiated a case under part 2 of Art. 165 of the Criminal Code (Infliction of Property Damage) against other officials of the city administration, as a total of 97 million rubles ($1.7m) were transferred to the commercial company. The investigation does not specify the names and positions of the suspects.

Sergey Dzantiev is currently on the wanted list. In December the former official went on a run after being brought to court on misappropriation and embezzlement of 30 million budget rubles ($529.4 thousand), as well as on fraudulent selling of land. During the searches in his house about 3 million rubles ($52.9 thousand), an ingot of gold weighing 1 kg and several credit cards with 50 million rubles ($882.4 thousand) on the accounts were found.

It is worth noting that according to sources, Aslan Gadzaov, Chief of the MIA UBEPiPK in North Ossetia, who is connected with the ex-Mayor with friendly and almost kinship ties, helped Sergey Dzantiev to escape from the investigation. At first, the former official stayed in a Rostov apartment, but when the security forces came to visit it, Dzantiev had already crossed the border. According to some reports, senior police officer Gadzaov personally coordinated Mayor's runaway actions in real time via WhatsApp messenger.



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