Wanted head of Dagestan Medical & Social Examinations Bureau found in Ukraine 

Wanted head of Dagestan Medical & Social Examinations Bureau found in Ukraine
Magomed Makhachev

Makhachev did not wait for the police to arrest him and fled right after it searched his house. Makhachev's deputies were accused of regularly taking bribes.

Makhachev is a deputy of the Dagestan Parliament and the head of the Dagestan Medical & Social Examinations Bureau. He fled to Ukraine, according to Chernovik's sources.

Makhachev managed to flee Russia a day after the police showed an avid interest in him. He fled to Ukraine. Makhachev has an established business in Ukraine, namely a private clinic, according to the publication's source.

Three of Makhachev's deputies and one Bureau employee were reported to have been arrested in Makhachkala. These reports were published on June 22. The following people are listed as the Bureau head's deputies on the Bureau official website: Alim Esfendiev, Kepiya Temirkhanova, and Shamsiyat Kurbanova.

Dagestan prosecutors and Russian FSB launched an inspection and ended up charging the arrested officials with four counts of bribery. The inspection was launched following a complaint by an employee of a Medical & Social Examinations Bureau, RIA Derbent reported. They accused Makhachev's deputies of systematic bribery and illegally issuing disability certificates. Bribes could be as high as $30 thousand.


The police searched Makhachev's house on May 31, as CrimeRussia reported earlier. He fled after that. Investigators suspect Makhachev of running a gang in which about 200 Bureau officials and employees of its subordinate structures were involved. The Bureau would take bribes for issuing fake disability certificates to hundreds of Dagestan residents.

It was reported in early June that Makhachev had been exposed to own a house in Slovenia, a clinic in Germany, cottages, restaurants, and malls in Makhachkala, mansions in Moscow and the Stavropol Krai, and a palace in his home village.

The amount of damage he has caused is yet to be announced. However, it amounts to about 1 billion rubles ($15.8 million) a year, investigators believe. Makhachev had a high-ranking Moscow official backing him up, investigators believe.



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