Wanted Dagestan Utility Services Minister flees abroad

Wanted Dagestan Utility Services Minister flees abroad
Ibragim Kazibekov

Dagestan Utility Services Minister Ibragim Kazibekov suspected of corruption was put on the wanted list on March 14. He is abroad now, Dagestan Deputy Minister of Interior Sergey Karpov told Yuga.ru.

Kazibekov has been located, Karpov noted. He did not specify the country where the runaway Minister fled. He lamented the fact that “some countries do not extradite people suspected of such crimes.”

The news of Minister for Construction, Architecture, and Utility Services Kazibekov allegedly being involved in former Dagestan Deputy PM Abdusamad Gamidov’s public money scam was reported three days after Gamidov and other government officials were arrested due to the Dagestan anti-corruption purging in January-February 2018.

Kazibekov is suspected of having been in cahoots with Gamidov and his deputies Shamil Isaev and Rayudin Yusufov. Reports claimed the officials would deliberately overstate prices when implementing a program for relocation of residents of old apartment houses. They caused at least 400 million rubles ($6.4 million) worth of damage, according to a police source.

Intelligence agencies searched Kazibekov’s house on February 27. That is also the day it was reported that Kazibekov had fled abroad. He is believed to live in Ukraine now. He was put on the wanted list two weeks later.



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