Voronezh Vice-Mayor extended his vacation because of corruption scandal

Voronezh Vice-Mayor extended his vacation because of corruption scandal
Vladimir Astanin

Deputy Mayor for Voronezh Urban Planning Vladimir Astanin extended his vacation, which he took in the end of January until the end of March. Earlier, Mayor of Voronezh Alexander Gusev discredited his Deputy, delegating his duties to First Vice-Mayor Vadim Kstenin.

The vacation, which Astanin got almost immediately after the burst of a corruption scandal in the Mayor's Office of Voronezh, was due to expire in 27 of February. Then the Vice-Mayor extended it for another week.

According to the edition Abireg he explained the official extension of leave - he rarely took it and a lot of unspent vacation days accumulated.

The scandal that erupted in the Voronezh region on January 23 the Vice-Mayor does not comment.

Earlier, Governor of the Voronezh region Alexey Gordeev harshly criticized the Development Department of the City Administration accusing them of "architectural banditry."

The next day on suspicion of particularly large bribe law enforcement officers detained chief architect of Voronezh Anton Shevelev. The court placed him under house arrest, after which Shevelev resigned. Then, from their posts there were released Head of the Construction Department Sergey Voronov, Head of the Construction Policy Management Viktor Vladimirov and Deputy Head of the chief architect management Mikhail Skisov.

Currently, Astanin, who heads of the Voronezh Administration Construction Department for Urban Planning, is still in office, but, according to the edition citing sources in the Mayor's Office, his imminent resignation is a closed issue.



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