Video of bribe-taker Ulyukaev visiting Sechin at Rosneft shown in court

Video of bribe-taker Ulyukaev visiting Sechin at Rosneft shown in court
Alexey Ulyukaev

During another session on Alexey Ulyukaev's case on September 26, the prosecution submitted to the court a protocol of examination of the bribe received by the ex-official in the amount of 2 million dollars and a videotape of his visit to the office of Rosneft.⁠

Since the witnesses did not appear at the Zamoskvoretsky court for a hearing on the case of the former Head of the Ministry of Economic Development, the prosecution offered to study the available evidence. Thus, during the hearing, a report was made about the inspection of the money received by Ulyukaev in the office of Rosneft from the Head of the company Igor Sechin along with a gift set of products. The protocol was drawn up on November 14 last year, when Ulyukaev was detained with the bribe in the company building. From it, in particular, it follows that the FSB officers spent eight hours studying the bribe received by Ulyukaev in the amount of $ 2 million.

According to state prosecutor Pavel Filipchuk, FSB officers began to inspect the notes at 10 am and finished at 6 pm. The money, according to the information recorded in the protocol, was taken out of a cardboard box sealed by the FSB's economic security service, which conducted an operational experiment.

The banknotes were in a zipped brown leather bag, which also contained a key. Inside the bag in a separate plastic bag lay 180 bundles of hundred-dollar bills, another 20 bundles of bills were covered with a special revealing substance Mascara-7. The bag was also marked with this substance. The protocol of 55 pages featured a list of numbers of unmarked bills, another five pages indicated information about the marked banknotes.

Also, the state prosecutor read out the report of the examination of the office car of Ulyukaev, in which he, along with his driver, came to Rosneft. During the inspection in the cabin, the operatives found the advertising booklets of Rosneft and the very gift set of food products, which was widely called in the media as "a basket with sausage from Ivanych". 

In addition, the meeting read out the protocols on viewing video records from external surveillance cameras installed in the office of Rosneft. They recorded the arrival of Ulyukaev in the oil company.

It should be noted that at the previous court hearing on September 5, the prosecutor read out the transcript of the conversation between Ulyukaev and Sechin when transferring the bribe. From the record of the dialogue it followed that the head of Rosneft transferred Ulyukaev the full required amount of $2 million and a "basket with sausage". Ulyukaev, during the detention, told FSB officers that he had been sure that there had been in the bag handed to him by his friend. Igor Sechin, who is involved in the process as a witness, called the actions of the state prosecutor, who made the record of the conversation public, "professional cretinism" since it contained information that constituted a state secret.

Earlier, The CrimeRussia reported that the criminal case against Ulyukaev began on September 1. Detained in November last year, the former minister is under house arrest and strongly denies his guilt in receiving a bribe from the Head of Rosneft. There are 30 witnesses in the case. The next hearing is scheduled for October 2.



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