Video compromising material on Balashikha Mayor: authenticity confimed 

Video compromising material on Balashikha Mayor: authenticity confimed
Evgeny Zhirkov

Evgeny Zhirkov together with criminal authority Petrukha distribute land, money and payoffs.⁠

Experts of the Russian Federal Center for Forensic Expertise with the Ministry of Justice gave their opinion on the video that appeared earlier in the media with the participation of Mayor of the city of Balashikha in the Moscow region Evgeny Zhirkov. They came to the conclusion that all the recordings are authentic. This is reported by publication Gosnovosti.

The image, sound, and the integrity of computer files were tested separately. As a result, they put together a 27 pages-thick act specifying that the video record contains no signs of editing.

Everyone who wished could see Zhirkov, as they say, in all his glory. Having languidly sprawled on an armchair, shelling sunflower seeds and profusely using obscene words, he discusses with alleged (he is not seen in shot, but his voice can be heard) criminal authority Anatoly Petrov nicknamed Petrukha the details of land distribution, the sum of payoffs and even the personnel policy of the region.

It can be understood from different cuts that local businessmen pay some tribute to the Mayor for the received state orders for road maintenance, the possibility of transferring premises from the housing stock to non-housing etc. Another source of profit is the transfer of municipal land to outside owners.

At the same time Zhirkov recalls that his share remains unchanged – 25%. The rest is distributed between criminals and other officials who include first Deputy Head of the Administration Dmitry Kozyrev, Deputy Head of urban planning Irina Solovyova and others.

The Mayor also shares the strategy of gaining control over still ‘free’ companies. He is going to introduce his people in them, and then just take the business away:

"But here only one moment **** to negotiate. Or **** we take through some more stringent things. There is no other option".

Zhirkov also speaks about lobbying the interests of some ‘own’ companies at the regional level. Moreover, this also does not happen for free and in case of a positive decision it will be necessary to give 10% of the contract amount to the ‘region’:

"My task is to find money **** and to agree in the regions so that our companies pass – that is my task. And the rest, well, that **** ... – explains the mayor of Balashikha. – Now, as soon as the contest takes place, our companies win ... Here is Alexander, we have already agreed on how he will act ... Until **** we charge these ten-percent ***** these ... as soon as he gives free rein, I just call and send money ... "

The conversation mentions Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu and Governor of the Moscow region Andrey Vorobyov, whose lands have also become the subject of the division:

"They take 160 hectares. They came from the governor. He called and gave a recommendation. He gave a recommendation of the director of the ‘spades’ ... Sergey ... Sergey ... What is his name? .. Well, he just called and said: "Zhen, a normal guy, I give a guarantee for him. Then we will discuss everything". I say: "It is not here, let us meet later, everyone knows each other". Such a conversation took place. The land is not registered yet. We can enter with such **** projects, but for money. Either we will have ... we will all agree together ... This is the land of Shoigu and Vorobyov".

Video: Corruption in Balashikha. How auctions work and who gets 10%

According to the Mayor, one of the largest developers of the country – a group of PIK companies, the founder of which Suleiman Kerimov with Czech roots Zhirkov inaccurately calls Karimov, is also related to this.

As Legal.Report edition wrote in October 2016 law enforcement agencies have already become interested in the mayor of Balashikha. The audit could be connected with multi-billion abuses when concluding municipal contracts. In December 2016 Head of the advertising department of the administration of Balashikha Ilya Lezhnev was detained. According to the investigators, the official asked the businessman for 500 thousand rubles a month for general protection and non-interference in the business.

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