Vice-Mayor of Moscow Khusnullin assigned state contracts to his mother's companies  

Vice-Mayor of Moscow Khusnullin assigned state contracts to his mother's companies
Marat Khusnullin, the Vice-Mayor of Moscow

The Russian office of Transparency International anti-corruption organization has published an investigation dedicated to the business activities of the Vice-Mayor's family.

As found by Transparency International experts, by 2007, the main players of the Tatarstan construction market (Tatstroy TC OJSC, Tatselzhilkomkhoz OJSC, and Vodokanalservis OJSC) came under control of certain Averdix LLC.

The owner of Avedix, in turn, was Averdo Property Management Limited, registered in the UK; according to the documents, its director is a British subject Roza Khusnullina, born in 1944. The second owner of the Tatarstan developer was an offshore company Averdix Business Corp., registered in the British Virgin Islands. That is, part of the Russian company's income would first go through the British jurisdiction, and then settle in the offshore, the lawyers explained.


However, the fact is that Averdo's owner is the mother of the former Minister of Construction, Architecture and Housing and Communal Services of the Republic of Tatarstan; the constituent documents of the British company indicate her address, namely a house in Kazan, which belonged to the current Vice-Mayor of Moscow until 2011.


Transparenсy International has referred a statement on verification of these facts to the prosecutor's office, since partnership of a state official with companies belonging to its family constitutes a conflict of interest, of which the direct leadership of the Tatarstan Minister of Construction should have been aware.


According to the anti-corruption organization, copies of this statement will be submitted to the Anti-Corruption Council under the Mayor of Moscow as well as to the UK law enforcement authorities.



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