Vice-Governor of Omsk Region closed his hunting season 

Vice-Governor of Omsk Region closed his hunting season
On the photo allegedly – Stanislav Grebenshchikov and killed roe

Fight for the position of the Mayor of Omsk can cost political career to the next Vice Governor of the Omsk region. The main candidate on the post, Stanislav Grebenshchikov, was accused of poaching, and then information a criminal case, initiated against him over official power abuse, appeared. The official felt badly right at his workplace, and he descended from a pre-election distance for health reasons. All this as a result led to a failure of the whole elective campaign.

The Mayor of Omsk – a position, which was completely discredited by Acting Mayor Vyacheslav Dvorakovsky during 5 years of his leadership. The “strong business executive”, as it was told in his election program 5 years ago, managed to spoil relations with the governor and to bring residents of Omsk to a despair. Dvorakovsky was also suspected of corruption activity, and official power abuse, but criminal case was not initiated. Only the Mayor's subordinates had to take the rap for all misses of the city Administration.

A year ago, in April, 2016, during a call of prankers Governor Nazarov sharply scarified Dvorakovsky for a divergence and unwillingness to accept the help of area in the solution of municipal problems of the city. At the same time Nazarov emphasized that it is impossible to interact with the mayor normally, without a ‘war’.

Governor's favourite

Nevertheless, 23 applicants found the chair of the Omsk Mayor desired. After refusal of direct elections on April 19 in Omsk the City Council had to choose the city's Mayor. And Vice Governor Stanislav Grebenshchikov was considered as the most perspective candidate. He was officially supported by Head of the region Victor Nazarov.


Stanislav Grebenshchikov

“Many people, who wanted to see themselves mayors of Omsk addressed me with offers. Taking into account opinion of both collectives and the public, in our city it is possible to call many not indifferent people, professionals in various areas. When, for example, Stanislav Georgiyevich Grebenshchikov came to me, it was clear that he is a person, who knows municipal economy and is able to work in a team. Certainly, I will address, probably, personally all deputies so that they would support the candidate, which I will support”, Nazarov declared, representing Stanislav Grebenshchikov.

After such support, very few people doubted the Vice Governor's victory. Stanislav Grebenshchikov is a ‘heavyweight’ and an old resident of the Omsk policy, with whom it is difficult to compete. But on April 13 he directed a declaration of abandonment of participation in elections of the Omsk Mayor for health reasons to the contest committee.

As it became known, the high-ranking official from the regional Government on April 11 was taken away by an ambulance. Stanislav Grebenshchikov felt badly right at his workplace and also his blood pressure ‘jumped up’. He was diagnosed not sharp hypertensive crisis. He refused to be hospitalized.

Станислава Гребенщикова увозит «Скорая помощь»

Stanislav Grebenshchikov taken away by an ambulance

As the CrimeRussia’s sources in the regional government reported, the 60-year-old official’s heart let him down for a reason. The day before, papers from Investigative Committee on Grebenshchikov were laid down on the table of governor Victor Nazarov. Main Investigation Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia initiated a criminal case against the vice-governor under part 2 Art. 285 (Abuse of Official Powers).

He had not been discharged yet. Grebenshchikov holds a post of Vice-Chairman of the regional Government, and before he was the Minister of Construction, transport and housing and communal services of the Omsk region. So he had many reasons ‘to abuse’.

Thus, the Governor's favorite withdrawn one week prior to vote in the City Council. Then most of the candidates were rejected by the contest committee. From the remained two applicants for the mayor's chair the Minister of Labour and Social Development Vladimir Kupriyanov refused elections for health reasons. Businessman Andrey Eroshevich refused to go on elections alone.

“Nothing terrible happened: at this stage it was not succeeded to elect the mayor, but it will be possible to do it on the following. The contest committee will continue work and will determine terms for submission of new statements”, governor Victor Nazarov voiced his position.

14 million were taken from the Omsk Hermitage

So far, Nazarov is expressing his position on criminal case of his deputy not in words, but in actions. Grebenshchikov was not dismissed form his post even after the ICR confirmed officially that he became suspected of waste of 14 million rubles of the federal budget. As it became clear, the official has disposed to pay such sum to Stroyinvestkomplekt company contractor, which did not fulfill the contractual obligations. As investigators assure, Grebenshchikov at the same time knew that the company was not fulfilling the obligations.

This is about reconstruction of a building under the project Hermitage Siberia. The historical building of insurance association Salamandra was to become a branch of the museum named after Vrubel, where it was planned to expose works of art from the main museum of St. Petersburg. Completion of works was planned for 2016 – to the 300 anniversary of Omsk. The state contract which cost has made 526.7 million rubles, was signed on August 28, 2015. It is remarkable that the contractor from the same St. Petersburg – Stroyinvestkomplekt - at the time of the conclusion of the contract was already up to the ears in debt. And still on August 20 (i.e. in 8 days prior to signing of documents) a claim on recognition the company bankrupt was submitted to the St. Petersburg arbitration. At the same time Stroyinvestkomplekt received from officials more than 82 million rubles as advance payment for 2015. Though under the contract the state customer could advance the contractor for no more than 30%, i.e. approximately for 48 million rubles.

It has become clear by spring of 2016 that the contractor broke reconstruction terms, it was included in the register of unfair suppliers and was declared bankrupt. LLC APO Sibtsentrostroy was entrusted to finish reconstruction - companies of businessman Rafik Safaryan, famous in Omsk, friend of ex-governor of the Omsk Region Leonid Polezhayev.

Inveterate hunter

Shortly before Grebenshchikov filed documents to the contest committee for participation in elections on the mayor's post, a hunt for him had already been started. In March, 2017 at a meeting of Legislative Assembly of the Omsk Region, deputy Yury Shapovalov demanded to carry out an inspection and to bring criminal case on Grebenshchikov for poaching.

Станислав Гребенщиков на охоте

Stanislav Grebenshchikov on hunting

“Deputy Governor Stanislav Grebenshchikov in Isilkulsky district shot a roe, while it is forbidden to kill them. The public hunting is revolted to a limit. I ask prosecutor's office to take this question on control, the Regional Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs should be connected”, Shapovalov declared. Requirements of the deputy were supported also by chairman of Legislative Assembly Vladimir Varnavsky, opaquely hinting that not everything is all right with Grebenshchikov’s reputation. “Our Minister flew to Moscow, but something is wrong in his department. You can feel it. We address the Governor, so that people, concerning whom inspections are carried out were discharged of work. It has not been made yet. It is necessary to look through family relations to untangle this ball. The prosecutor's office will understand, I think that there will be also a hearing”.

The hint was also made on former deputy of Victor Nazarov - Yury Gamburg. After a criminal case was initiated against the first Deputy Prime Minister, the governor hesitated to discharge him of a position. Nevertheless, now Gamburg is already found guilty of swindle with land by court and sentenced to 5.5 years of imprisonment.

First Deputy Prosecutor of the Omsk Region Aleksander Lorentz in response to statements of the deputy told that “on the specified facts inspections are carried out”, results of which will be voiced in accordance with the established procedure.

The facts of poaching were recorded in February, 2017. In Kolosovsky district caught the director of protection department of fauna of the Omsk Region Victor Danilov when he shot a lynx. The official claims that he was set up. Allegedly in his bag there was a carcass of a stray dog, which was shot by his friend.

The second fact concerned the Vice Governor.

A photo of snowmobile carcass, where roe lies, was presented as proof, and the person standing a back was called Stanislav Grebenshchikov. Deputy of the State Duma Andrey Golushko, telling about poaching of the official, declared that no hunter respecting himself in February would get a roe, which is stuck in snow.

It should be noted that in political beau monde of the Omsk Region Golushko is considered the opponent of the governor and resists to all team of Nazarov. Therefore many people written off the opened violations for elements of political struggle.

In the region everyone knows that Stanislav Grebenshchikov is an inveterate hunter. In general, it is considered a sign of good form for Omsk politicians to walk with a gun in the woods. Principal legislator of this fashion - deputy Andrey Golushko. Both governor Victor Nazarov, and already mentioned Yury Gamburg, and condemned head of NPO Mostovik Oleg Shishov, and all high-ranking regional security officers are fond of some shooting in animals. And the Omsk hunting grounds are regularly visited by Nikita Mikhalkov, Yury Nikolaev, Vladimir Medinsky, Leonid Yakubovich and many others. And you can only guess whether the eminent hunters are following the rules.

Therefore a subject of poaching frequently becomes a reason for charge of regional politicians. However, Stanislav Grebenshchikov is well remembered also on scandal with huntsmen and police officers.

In 2013 police officers, flying about lakes in the Isilkulsky Region, accidentally met Stanislav Grebenshchikov on the bank of a lake. Some of the men was just dragging the boat to the coast (under the law hunting from the boat is forbidden).

Police officers asked documents for hunters. For what (at that time) Minister of Construction and Housing and Communal Services Stanislav Grebenshchikov began to offend inspectors and to behave provocatively. “Have you tired of wearing shoulder straps? What right do you have to check me? Tomorrow you will stand in my office and report an operational situation in the Omsk Region!”, Grebenshchikov declared to police officers. The occasion, by the way, happened during the working day, but the official allegedly was in a compensatory holiday.

It was not successful to settle the conflict by words and though security officers did not manage to prove facts of poaching, the case was sent to court. Administrative report was made to the lieutenant colonel for the official’s disobedience. The case ended with a fine of 500 rubles for an Insult of an Authority (Art. 319 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

It is unlikely that this time Grebenshchikov will also easily manage to avoid criminal claims, and in a game of politics he has already obviously closed his ‘hunting season’.



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