Vice-Governor of Altai Region Yuri Denisov charged with 2.5 million bribery before court hearing

Vice-Governor of Altai Region Yuri Denisov charged with 2.5 million bribery before court hearing
Yuri Denisov

The Head of the regional education system distributed federal subsidies for kickbacks. His retired wife acted as an intermediary.

In the Altai Region, the investigation of the criminal case of the former Vice-Governor and Regional Education Department Head Yuri Denisov and his wife Tatyana Denisova has been completed.

The press-service of the Investigative Committee’s Investigative Directorate in the Altai Region reported that the investigators had collected evidence of a number of episodes of bribery committed by Denisov. The largest of them is 2.25 million rubles, while the total amount for all four episodes of the criminal case against Denisov and his wife, acting as an intermediary, does not exceed 2.5 million rubles.

The investigation revealed that bribes were given to the official in the period from 2009 to 2016 by the head of the three educational institutions subordinate to Yuri Denisov for connivance in the service and the overall protection. In particular, for bribes, the regional and federal subsidies were distributed and certain personnel issues were resolved.

Denisov's wife, pensioner Tatyana Denisova, in most cases played the role of the intermediary. The FSB officers detained her while transferring the funds.

The regional ICR Directorate noted the complexity of the work done by the investigating authorities, who interviewed hundreds of witnesses and conducted about 20 searches. As a result, the amount of material of the Denisovs couple case consists of 15 volumes.

The former Deputy Governor was charged with Bribe-Taking (item (c), part 5, Art. 290; item (b), part 5, Art. 290; part 4, Art. 290; part 6, Art. 290 of the Criminal Code). His wife is accused of bribery mediation.

The website of the ICR ID in the Altai Region reported that the case will soon be sent to the Prosecutor’s Office for confirmation of the indictment, after which it will be engaged in the consideration of the court.

It is to be recalled that Yuri and Tatiana Denisovs were detained on March 14, 2016. The Altai Regional Court refused to satisfy the lawyers appeal on the measure of restraint, which was extended for the last time until January 4, 2017.



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