Version: Leningrad region Prosecutor had a hand in death of Kingisepp OCG killer Pumane 

Version: Leningrad region Prosecutor had a hand in death of Kingisepp OCG killer Pumane
Killer Alexander Pumane Photo: The CrimeRussia (from the investigation file)

The killer Alexander Pumane was detained in September 2004 and after the questioning by the Deputy Prosecutor of the Presnensky district Ivanov a man was beaten and died of suffered wounds.

After the scandalous dismissal of the Prosecutor Stanislav Ivanov new details of his biography began to emerge. As it turned out, his transfer from Moscow to the Grozny Prosecutor's Office was not accidental and linked to a criminal case of the Kingisepp gang. This was preceded by the story of the Kingisepp OCG killer’s arrest, Rosbalt reported citing a source.

From the materials of the criminal case, which were brought to the CrimeRussia attention, it follows that on September 18, 2004 the Presnensky stopped a suspicious car VAZ 21053, in which cabin it was found the whole arsenal of weapons. According to the survey protocol, in the car there were two mine MON-50 detonators, TNT block, a bottle with gasoline, unidentified electronic radio-controlled explosive device, etc.

протокол осмотра

Behind the wheel was a former submarine officer Alexander Pumane, who, according to investigators, was a regular killer of the Kingisepp gang. On his account there were an attempted murder of the JSC Sun Company shareholder Mikhail Orlov, a murder of an employee of the Roneks company Oleg Bulatov, the Chairman of the Board of Directors VMSOktan Basil Hatarishvili, the Chief Accountant of the Bashkir Petrochemical Company Valery Speransky. The customer of the crimes was the ex-Senator Igor Izmestyev, who is currently serving an imprisonment for life.

Pumane's car Pumane's car
Pumane's car Photo: the CrimeRussia (from the investigation file)
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After Pumane’s car literally packed with explosives was detained in the center of Moscow (in Spiridonievsky lane), he was suspected of preparing a terrorist attack and was taken to the police station. After an unsuccessful interrogation the Presnensky district Deputy Prosecutor Stanislav Ivanov came to the police station, the source said to Rosbalt. Allegedly, his conversation with Pumane also went sour. Immediately thereafter, the former submariner was severely beaten; he died. On fact of the Pumane’s death a criminal case was opened.

Постановление о возбуждении уголовного дела

- It was found that at the initial stage Ivanov was actively trying to cover up individual employees, who beat Pumane. Moreover, Ivanov and other officers’ relations with the businessmen working in the Presnensky district began to come to the fore, - Rosbalt interlocutor suggested.

And Stanislav Ivanov was transferred to the Prosecutor's Office of Zavadski district of Grozny in November 2004.

Two years later, Ivanov was returned to Moscow. In the period from 2006 to 2013 he was the Prosecutor of the Western Administrative District of the Moscow. At the same time he was suspected of corruption relations with businessmen, but a senior patron in the law enforcement agencies did not allow tackling Ivanov seriously, the Rosbalt source told.

Then he became the First Deputy Prosecutor of the Kaluga region. As the Prosecutor of the Leningrad Region Stanislav Ivanov was appointed on August 6, 2014.

On November 3, 2016 Stanislav Ivanov was charged - he is accused of bribe-taking in a large scale. The amount of bribes, according to the ICR, exceeded 20 million rubles. In just a few weeks before he came down to the hospital and was resigned.



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