Verkhnyaya Pyshma former chief of traffic police and his colleagues sentenced for attempted fraud

Verkhnyaya Pyshma former chief of traffic police and his colleagues sentenced for attempted fraud
Alexander Kobyashev in a court room

Verkhnyaya Pyshma City Court has delivered a verdict in the high-profile criminal case involving senior officials of the local department of the Russian Interior State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate. Ex-head of the city traffic police Alexander Kobyashev and his staff, patrolmen Leonid Napin and Denis Zaripov, have received appropriate terms of imprisonment in a penal colony. All three were convicted of attempted fraud.

According to the investigation, in April 2015, the law enforcement officers decided to deceive a citizen into selling his AUDI-Q7 worth over 950 thousand rubles. To do this, they told the owner of the car, Sergey Afanasiev, that the numbered vehicle units of the body and the engine had been tampered with, and that Afanasiev would be facing criminal charges for that. Moreover, the ex-head of the city traffic police Alexander Kobyashev told Sergey Afanasiev that his car is on a wanted list and then suggested selling it for 100 thousand rubles. Kobyashov was arrested in flagrante delicto, during the transaction.

His accomplices, crooked cops Napin and Zaripov, are also accused of telling an AUDI-A6 owner that his documents on the car are fake. They demanded 25 thousand rubles and in return promised not to launch an investigation, and not to check the authenticity of his documents either. Former police officers were detained upon receipt of bribe.

The criminal case consist of 7 volumes. During the interrogation, Napin and Zaripov pleaded guilty in regards to the AUDI-A6 charges, but refused to testify in criminal episodes with AUDI-Q7. At a certain stage of the investigation, their former boss partially admitted his guilt in regards to the AUDI-Q7 charges, but later refused to give any testimony. Their lawyers insisted that the car had been indeed tampered with, and that there had been inconsistencies between identification marks and actual parts of the vehicle (presumably, its bumper had been swapped).

All three perpetrators were charged under the article "attempted large scale fraud committed by a group of persons in collusion, using their official positions" (art. 30 para. 3, art. 159 para. 3 of the Russian Criminal Code). The court sentenced Alexander Kobyashev to 3 years of imprisonment, Leonid Napin - to 3 years and 9 months in prison, and Denis Zaripov - to 3 years and 8 months in a standard regime penal colony.

The verdict turned out to be lax, due to the fact that the crime had not been accomplished. In addition, the damaged party did not seek strict punishment either. The defense attorney Ekaterina Stanislavskaya said that Sergey Afanasyev only wanted to get his car back.

According to the regional police administrative board, since the beginning of 2016, more than 20 criminal cases were initiated against employees of the Internal Investigations Division under the Main Department of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Sverdlovsk region. Some 14 police officers were dismissed for unlawful acts.



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