Vasilyeva's case: two other defendants may get out on parole

Vasilyeva's case: two other defendants may get out on parole
Maxim Zakutaylo, Yuri Grehnev, Evgenia Vasilyeva and Irina Egorova Photo: ITAR-TASS

Earlier, the former deputy head of Oboronstroy was allowed to serve his sentence in a penal settlement.

Former deputy director of JSC Oboronstroy Yuri Grehnev, who is convicted of embezzlement of budget funds, can be released on parole, Rosbalt reported. He and his boss Larisa Egorina might be released in the spring of 2017.

According to a source of the edition, Yuri Grehnev had to be transferred in the pre-trial detention center № 5 in St. Petersburg after being sentenced to four years in prison. After a year in prison, Grehnev filed a petition to change the type of correctional institution for the penal settlement. As a result, judges decided to allow the appeal. It means a substantial commutation of his sentence's conditions: the management of the penal settlement may allow a prisoner living with the family, not only in the colony, but also outside.

Former head of Oboronstroy and the Main Directorate of Troops Arrangement Larisa Egorina was sentenced to four years and three months. The sentence set off the time that she spent in detention and under house arrest.

Previously, by a decision of the Sydogodsky court, the Vladimir region, main defendant of the Oboronservis's case Evgenia Vasilyeva and her friend Irina Egorova were released on parole. Soon, others convicted of billion-dollar-theft upon the Vasilyeva's case - Natalia and Nikolai Dynkovys, Dinara Bilyalova, Maxim Zakutaylo – were released. Figurante Katerina Smetanova, the wife of Maxim Zakutaylo, cooperated with the investigation and received a suspended sentence.



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