Vanity fair: Head of Evenkiya received reward and lost his post 

Vanity fair: Head of Evenkiya received reward and lost his post
The former Head of Evenkiya bought himself a doubtful award for the expense of the state budget

Scandal with the purchase of the order of Stolypin at the expense of the local budget continues in Evenkiya. The owner of an award, the former Head of the Region Pyotr Suvorov, condemned for desire to decorate his jacket with a status award with a big name will face trial again. Because of the procedural violations allowed by trial court, criminal case of the former Head of Evenkiya will be again considered in the same Ilimpiysky court. Prior to the hearing Suvorov remains under house arrest.

The story with purchase of the award began in 2010. Then, several district heads of the Krasnoyarsk Region received an offer from LLC All-Russian Committee on Public Awards and Ranks to become an owner of the award of Stolypin worth 97 thousand rubles to hold an awards ceremony in Moscow. There are no such awards in the register of the state awards of Russia. There is Pyotr Stolypin's medal, which was founded in 2008, it is awarded for merits in solving strategic tasks of socio-economic development of the country. There are Stolypin's medals of I and II degrees. This award is granted by the Government of the Russian Federation.

Медаль Столыпина

Photo: rewarding of the Deputy of the State Duma Igor Rudensky with Pyotr Stolypin's medal of the II degree in 2015

Stolypin's award was created by a certain public organization Committee on Awards and Ranks, registered in Moscow. Main type of its activities − organization and construction of theatrical and opera performances, concerts and other scenic performances. Pyotr Stolypin's award founded by this organization − a non-state award, which is handed for achievements in the field of state and municipal management. The award package includes three medals of Stolypin for rewarding of staff of the authority headed by the holder of the award. Usually, Committee on Awards and Ranks suggests the candidate to receive an award as being “the Head of dynamically developing territory, who provided its stable economic growth”. Thus, the receiver of such offer can independently make the decision that he is worthy of the award and purchase it (in the account, however, the amount appears not for purchase of an award, but for information and image maintenance of an awards ceremony). By the way, in the same organization for 147 thousand rubles it is possible to become “the honorary citizen of Russia”. At the web site of the Committee on Awards and Ranks, it is possible to see how many people paid money to be included in the lists of winners and to immortalize their names.

Петр Суворов

Photo: the former Head of Evenkiya Pyotr Suvorov (and Stolypin's award). Photo by Dmitry Lebedev / Kommersant

There are two heads of the territories in the Krasnoyarsk Region - Pyotr Suvorov (the Evenki District) and Anatoly Kerzik (the Shushensky District) decided that they, certainly, are worthy such award. And issued the awards to themselves. They decided – if on their posts they serve society, society should pay all expenses. As a result, invoices were paid from the budget.

It would be nothing, except for the fact that local deputies did not like it. And when the award decorated Pyotr Suvorov's breast, people's deputies were outraged. As a result, the  Administration on Economic Crimes and Anti-corruption of the General Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Krasnoyarsk Region became interested in the story. Police officers found out that the Head of the area instructed subordinates to pay 97 thousand rubles from the budget of the area for purchase of a doubtful award. According to the Krasnoyarsk police, the Administration of Evenkiya transferred the money for rewarding the award to the Committee on Awards and Ranks. As a result of check, in Summer 2013 the Investigative Committee initiated a criminal case under part 2 of Art 286 of the Criminal Code of the Russia Federation (Exceeding Official Powers) against Pyotr Suvorov. Immediately after the announcement of this news, Krasnoyarsk deputies started a company for Suvorov’s resignation from the post of the Head of the district. In an interview to a local media, the member of the Committee on the state construction of the Krasnoyarsk Parliament Vladimir Sedov expressed general opinion: "Peter Suvorov, I believe, is not a poor man, and if he needed such a reward, he could buy it at his own expense. There would not have been questions to him, but the fact that he fulfilled his whims at the expense of the state budget – unacceptable act for the official of such high rank”.

And in February, 2014 another criminal case under part 2 of Art 285 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Abuse of Official Powers) was initiated against the Head of Evenkiya: this time he was suspected of payment of flight to the vacation spot at the expense of the budget. During the period from June 24 to June 27, 2011 the official together with his subordinates and representatives of one of the companies took off by two helicopters to the area of the lake Sebyaki of the Evenki District. He instructed to pay a part of flight from the settlement of Tura to the place of refill at the expense of budgetary funds of the Evenki District in the amount of more than 760 thousand rubles. The rest of flight was paid at the expense of private company. Holding an exit meeting and check of the construction of kindergarten and high school in the settlement of Yessey were a pretext for the trip, but actually there were no official events. The stop in the settlement along with the inspection of the objects took only an hour, after that they stayed on the lake for two days.

Our notes

Pyotr Suvorov worked as the Chief Inspectorate of fisheries of Evenki district for nearly 10 years, but then in 2001 decided to become the Deputy and was elected in the Legislative Assembly (Suglana) of Evenki Autonomous Area. Further, everything was developed successfully. In April, 2002 he became the Head of the local self-Administration of urban-type settlement Tura. And after in 2004 Suvorov graduated from the Russian academy of public service under the Russian President, he was elected the Head of the Evenki municipal district by the decision of Council of deputies of this area. In March, 2010 Suvorov was again elected to the same position.

Criminal case concerning the Acting Head of the district (he did not leave the post not during the investigation, neither during the judicial hearings) in district Ilimpiysky court was considered for more than a year. Yet during the investigation Suvorov did not admit his guilt and actively defended from the brought charges, using services of two lawyers. The court repeatedly considered the case on exit process in Krasnoyarsk, interrogating a great number of witnesses. The hearing was postponed several times in connection with illness of the defendant. In June, 2015 the Prosecutor supporting the party of accusation filed a petition for a measure of restraint concerning Suvorov in the form of house arrest as, despite his state of health, during disability Suvorov periodically took off for official journeys, delaying consideration of the criminal case. The court satisfied the petition.

As a result, last summer a sentence was announced to Pyotr Suvorov. The court found him guilty under part 2 of Art. 286 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Exceeding Official Powers) and part 2 of Art. 285 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Abuse of Official Powers) and imposed on cumulative offenses penalty in the form of 5 years of imprisonment conditionally with a probation period in 5 years with deprivation of the right to hold elective offices and positions of the government and local government officers in public authorities and local government bodies within 4 years.


Photo: check for rewarding of the award

A few months before that, in April 2015, a group of 9 deputies signed an appeal to representative body of the area for the removal of the Head of the Evenki municipal district P. I. Suvorov in resignation for violation of the restrictions set by the Federal law of 25.12.2008 No. 273-FZ "On combatting corruption". Suvorov was charged with the already mentioned purchase of the order of Stolypin, obtaining (without the biddings) of the Toyota Land Cruiser 150 (Prado) car in his personal use for 2,5 million rubles, a helicopter flight to the base Yukteli in 2012 for 283 446,50 rubles from the district budget. Suvorov was also reminded of attempt of conclusion of an agreement on output payment to the representative of the Head of the Evenki district in the state authorities of the Krasnoyarsk Region. If the employer decided to terminate this agreement on his own initiative, the extent of golden parachute could constitute 3 million rubles.

Besides, several examples of squaring of accounts with people who did not want to support Suvorov's position in his criminal case were described in the address of deputies.

An open letter calling for the resignation of Suvorov from the post of the Head of the Evenki district was published in the media. However Pyotr Suvorov left the post only in September 2015, after obtaining criminal convictions. At the same time, he resigned with the formulation at own will in connection with a job change.

In March of this year Pyotr Suvorov tried to challenge the judgment in an appeal order. Judicial Board on criminal cases of regional court established that the representative of the injured party in October 2015 filed comments on the part of the trial record concerning the criminal case. The presiding judge ordered to return these comments to the protocol without consideration, with reference to the missing of the established deadline. The representative of the victim expressed disagreement with the decision in the petition for appeal and asked to cancel it. He referred to the fact that he could not submit the comments on the protocol of judicial session on reasonable excuse − in view of a disease, and he also was not notified by court on dates of deadline. After checking the criminal case file, listening to explanations of participants of the process and discussing arguments of the petition for appeal, the judicial board of regional court came to a conclusion about cancellation of the challenged resolution. The Krasnoyarsk regional court decided to return case to court of the first instance for elimination of the circumstances interfering its consideration in court of the second instance. Nevertheless, on October 11 the Judicial Board considered the case and cancelled the decision, which was earlier passed by the Ilimpiysky district court. Violation of requirements of the criminal procedure law by court of the first instance was the reason of cancellation of the sentence. The case is directed for new judicial consideration from stage of the proceedings in the same court, but in different composition. Time will show, on whose the scale of Themis will lean now.


Photo: the Head of Shushensky district of the Krasnoyarsk Region Anatoly Kerzik

By the way, analyzing the situation with criminal case over the purchase of the award, local sources note that Pyotr Suvorov made a political mistake. An analogy is drawn with other buyer of the award of Stolypin − Anatoly Kerzik. The Head of Shushensky district of the Krasnoyarsk Region Kerzik, who was also accused of purchase of an award for the state account, retired after claims of the Prosecutor's Office, was given a suspended sentence, soon pardoned, and a year later was re-elected the Head of the municipality. Political scientists are sure − if Suvorov oriented earlier and retired, then he could at least count on amnesty. And respectively, would have had a chance to return to political and administrative system.



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