Under pressure bribe giving

Under pressure bribe giving
Dmitry Zakharchenko Photo: Moskva news agency

The former Deputy Shestakov tried to help firm of the Colonel Zakharchenko’s friend.

According to Gazeta.ru, business partners of Anatoly Pshegornitsky, person involved in the Colonel Zakharchenko’s scandalous criminal case, addressed to the State Duma and to the General Administration for Economic Security and Combatting Corruption of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia (GAESCC of MIA) for help and protection. Entrepreneurs complained about withdrawal of funds from the Rusinzhiniring company. Whereas, the application to the police arrived exactly a month before the meeting at which Zakharchenko got a bribe.

As source in law enforcement agencies told Gazeta.ru, on November 25, 2015, exactly a month before Dmitry Zakharchenko's meeting with Anatoly Pshegornitsky, during which the police officer allegedly got a bribe, the GAESCC of MIA received a request from Deputy of the State Duma Vasily Shestakov. In his statement, the parliamentarian, who was attending sambo and judo classes in youth together with Vladimir Putin and Rotenberg brothers, asked to understand the situation, which has developed around the Rusinzhiniring company. This company is one of general contractors of OJSC FSK YES – one of the largest energy companies of Russia.

“Rusinzhiniring’s problems began in 2013, after Valery Goncharov became the Deputy Chairman of FSK YES. He is currently accused of abuse of official powers, causing heavy consequences, - tells the source of Gazeta.ru. – Then regional subdivision of OJSC FSK YES ceased to accept the performed works on contract agreements at Rusinzhiniring. Because of this, the entity experienced irregularity in paying salaries and debts to creditors.

When owners of the company tried to settle the problem, they were offered to sell a controlling stock”.

According to data base of Kartoteka.ru, in 2013 80% of Rusinzhiniring belonged to the Cyprian offshore E.T.H. Epiniye Trade House Limited, other 20% - Shemester Services Limited. The first offshore, as Gazeta.ru found out, belonged to St. Petersburg businessmen Ivan Zhitenev and Dmitry Terekhin, while founder of the second was Anatoly Pshegornitsky. Now, according to data base of the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities, 77,8% of Rusinzhiniring belongs to JSC Aletta Business Corp, registered on the British Virgin Islands, and other 20,2% are still owned by Shemester Services Limited.

“Actually, Terekhina and Zhiteneva were forced to sell their shares, after what, in their opinion, the company was artificially brought to bankruptcy and its funds were withdrawn, - the source told. -  Terekhin told the Deputy about the withdrawal, after what he wrote a request to the GAESCC of the MIA”. However, no response followed the request. And in April, 2016 Shestakov sent another request, to the Prosecutor General’s Office addressed to Yury Chaika, asking to look into the matter of why the GAESCC of MIA does not react on the request.

Gazeta.ru contacted Vasily Shestakov, and he confirmed that he sent several inquiries to law enforcement agencies concerning this situation.

“Unfortunately, now I can not remember what was the results, because I sent many requests and not only concerning Rusinzhiniring, - told Shestakov. – We could have looked into the documents, now all of them are packed, I am not deputy any more, and we are preparing to move to new office”.

In turn, source of Gazeta.ru in law enforcement agencies, does not exclude that Anatoly Pshegornitsky's meeting with Dmitry Zakharchenko, on December 25 in Village Kitchen restaurant, could have been devoted to the problems associated with Rusinzhiniring. On this day, according to investigators, Zakharchenko received a bribe in 7 million rubles.

According to Kartoteka.ru, Anatoly Pshegornitsky at different times owned, or directed four firms: Sibur-energo, Rusinzhiniring, Technologika and Energobalans Severo-Zapad.

All companies are connected with fuel and energy complex, the very one, which was supervised by colonel Zakharchenko.

Gazeta.ru tried to contact Pshegornitsky, however he was unavailable. The association also refused to give comments.

The Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko himself, during appeal of arrest in court, declared that nobody gave any money to anybody during this meeting. Zakharchenko also told that he saw with his own eyes, how operational employees put him on table a plate with recorder.

“We even started laughing and joking about it then” – told the police officer. Source of Gazeta.ru in intelligence agencies assures that Zakharchenko was only joking about the plate with recorder.

“It’s not 1950s outside, equipment allows to conduct wiretap with a long distance. And the FSB is the most equipped agency" — says the source.

Meanwhile the ex-owner of Rusinzhiniring Ivan Zhitenev confirmed that he contacted the police, however, according to him, Anatoly Pshegornitsky and Zakharchenko could hardly discuss the situation connected with Rusinzhiniring.

“We really contacted law enforcement agencies and deputies because we believe that we were deceived, but these requests have never helped us, - tells Zhitenev. – Moreover, you could call Pshegornitsky a victim as well, because he also lost shares”.

According to Zhitenev, he learned about existence of the Colonel Zakharchenko only from news, and it can hardly be related to their problems.

“It seems to me that our case isn't connected with it in any way at all — Zhitenev says. — And I have never heard this surname from him (Pshegornitsky. – Gaveta.ru). Most likely, they are just casual acquaintances, but certainly not friends”.

Zhitenev refused to connect the correspondent of Gazeta.ru with Pshegornitsky.

According to Kartoteka.ru, an Zhitenev and Dmitry Terekhin own the Streamer company, which develops and manufactures lightning arresters for installation on power lines (both distribution, and transmission with voltages up to 500 kV). In 2015, the revenue of the company amounted to 550 million rubles.

The largest Russian energy companies buy Streamer’s products, including MRSK holding and FSK YES. Streamer concluded first contracts with Lenenergo in 1999.

“Cheap device, easy in installation. We have not seen anything like that before. That’s why we signed the contract” - Boris Vaynzikher, the former Director of technical development of Lenenergo, and subsequently CEO of KES-Holding told Forbes.

Now, Boris Vaynzikher together with the co-owner of Renova group of companies Evgeny Olkhovik is under arrest in connection with investigation of a case on bribes to the ex-management of the Republic of Komi. While the former Head of VimpelCom Mikhail Slobodin, who is also a defendant in this case, managed to escape abroad. According to one of versions, Dmitry Zakharchenko was the one, who warned the last.

The Deputy Head of the Department T of the GAESCC of MIA Dmitry Zakharchenko was arrested on September 10 this year, after $120 million and €2 million (approximately 9 billion rubles) were discovered in his apartment.

Besides, it occurred that five apartments in elite housing estates of Moscow were arranged to Zakharchenko’s relatives.

Investigating officers are currently establishing who possesses this cash, while the colonel is accused of taking bribe in the amount of 7 million rubles, which he got in 2015. Also the police officer is accused under two articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation – Art. 285 (Abuse of Official Powers) and Art. 294 (Obstruction of Carrying out of Justice and of Preliminary Investigations). 



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