Ulyukaev’s case: witness to tell about motives of bribe taking

Ulyukaev’s case: witness to tell about motives of bribe taking
Alexey Ulyukaev

According to the former owner of Trade Nafta, he knows the circumstances of the ex-Minister’s case.

A head of an investigation group has approved a petition to summon former co-owner of the Trade Nafta company Evgeny Mulyukov as a witness, BusinessFm reports. According to the businessman, he has information about the resonant case over the bribe, allegedly received by the former Minister of Economic Development Alexey Ulyukaev.

According Mulyukov, who appealed to the ICR by himself, he is associated with the privatization of PJSC Bashneft. Earlier, the businessman has already appealed to the FSB and the ICR to check the legality of the transaction, which, in his opinion, violated applicable law. He said that shortly before the sale Bashneft signed contracts with small companies in the amount of 400 billion rubles for the sale of oil. According to the businessman, the operations were profitable to the then leadership of Bashneft and Lukoil.

In 2015, Mulyukov sent similar requests to the Ministry of Economic Development and the Federal Property Management Agency, but agencies’ answers were based on information provided by the top managers of Bashneft. Then, the merchant suspected that Head of the Ministry Ulyukaev had a personal interest in the privatization of the oil company.

Mulyukov analyzed a number of multi-million rubles transactions carried out shortly before the privatization of Bashneft and concluded that Ulyukaev worked on behalf of another player - Lukoil. According to the businessman, this was the cause of a discontent and the subsequent attempted bribery at the order of Rosneft’s executives.

Due to the fact that the response from the investigators has not been delivered to the businessman in time, he did not appear for questioning on 26 December, because he lives in the UK. His lawyer asked to organize the questioning on Skype, because Mulyukov himself became involved in the case, initiated by his former business partner Mikhail Golub. According to the lawyers of Golub, Mulyukov was trying to bring down the Bashneft’s price before privatization.

Recall, ex-Minister Ulyukaev was arrested in Rosneft’s office at night of November 14, while taking bribe in the amount of $ 2 million. According to investigators, he extorted money from the oil company's management for his support during the privatization of Bashneft.



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