Ulyukaev's basket with sausage "From Ivanych" destroyed by court decision

Ulyukaev's basket with sausage "From Ivanych" destroyed by court decision
Basket with sausage "From Ivanych"

The court destroyed the basket with sausage, which Sechin gave Ulyukaev with a bribe, at the request of the investigation.

By decision of the Basmanny Court, the most famous material evidence in the case of Alexey Ulyukaev, the basket "From Ivanych", was destroyed. As it became known to BBC, it happened on May 17, 2017 due to the fact that there was sausage in the basket - a perishable product.

Igor Sechin, the head of Rosneft, presented this basket to ex-Minister of Economic Development Alexey Ulyukaev when he gave him a bribe of $2 million at the company's office. About it became known after the conversation between them was sounded in court. In the conversation, the basket is mentioned about 10 times and aroused the interest of journalists in the courtroom.

The basket "From Ivanych" is Sechin's traditional gift to his business partners and friends. The head of Rosneft regularly hunts, and from these trophies one of the refectories of the state company make sausage products. As a rule, in a basket there is a set of sausages, bleenies, sausage bread and wine.

Soon, Sechin himself was indignant at the fact that the open session of the court had disclosed the transcript of the conversation, since it contained information that represented state secrets. The head of the state company was dissatisfied with the excitement around the basket with sausage, as it was done, according to him, to distract attention.

Recall, Alexeн Ulyukaev was detained in November last year. He was charged with extorting a bribe for the positive assessment of the transaction for the purchase of Bashneft. Ulyukaev does not admit his guilt, declaring a bribe the provocation.



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