Ulyukaev may be released from prison camp for medical reasons

Ulyukaev may be released from prison camp for medical reasons
Ulyukaev was handcuffed right after pronouncement of a verdict Photo: Sergey Bobylev / TASS

Diseases of the ex-minister make him unable to serve a sentence in a maximum-security penal colony.

Former Minister of Economic Development Alexey Ulyukaev who was sentenced to 8 years of maximum-security penal colony might be realised soon due to health reasons, TASS reports with reference to its sources.

According to a source, the ex-minister has diseases which, according to the existing government resolutions, obstruct staying under guards and imprisonment.

The resolution №3 of the Government of the Russian Federation allows to release from custody persons with heavy diseases, and the resolution №54 – the seriously ill patients sentenced to imprisonment. However, in case of those who are condemned and taken into custody after pronouncement of a verdict, but before its introduction in force, the resolutions does not work.

Ulyukaev's lawyers repeatedly pointed to the existence of his health problems. According to defenders, numerous searches in his apartment became one of the reasons of deterioration in health of the ex-minister. At a stage of definition of a measure of restraint to Ulyukaev, it was informed that he suffers from a hypertonia, an atherosclerosis and other illnesses. Despite this, until the end of April he was not allowed to make walks and to visit the doctor. For the first time, the ex-minister visited health center on April 12 ‘because of sense of vision illness’.

In autumn, Ulyukaev's defense reported that he has been observing suspicion on a rupture of a retina, a cataract, severe headaches, giddiness and critical loss of weight. Besides, he needed help of stomatologist. However, the court did not let the ex-minister to visit the doctor.

Pavel Chikov, the lawyer, in the Telegram channel noticed that the issue of remission of the convict of punishment for health reasons is resolved only by judgment and only after the introduction in force of a sentence, after medical board and in the presence of the diseases included in the government list: HIV and tuberculosis at the last stages, hard cases of an oncology and other. According to Chikov, Ulyukaev's remission because of his illnesses is not expected.



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