Ulyukaev demanded bribe from Sechin being in Goa

Ulyukaev demanded bribe from Sechin being in Goa
Alexey Ulyukaev

This is stated in the indictment of the Prosecutor's Office. The defense of the ex-Minister asked to return the case to the supervisory authority, as the factual allegations changed, but the court refused to do so.

According to the final accusation of the Prosecutor's Office, announced today in the Moscow Zamoskvoretsky Court, Economic Development Minister Alexey Ulyukaev demanded a bribe from Igor Sechin, the head of Rosneft, on October 15, 2016. The official put forward demands for the transfer of $2 million during the BRICS summit, which was held in the state of Goa in India. It is interesting that the official announced his terms three days after the sale of Bashneft.

It should be noted that the factual allegations of the accusation is strikingly different from that which was originally voiced by the investigation. Today, the prosecutor announced that Ulyukaev demanded money, threatening to give negative conclusions on new deals. Sechin, in turn, agreed, fearing "negative consequences for the company", but subsequently (October 27-28) decided to surrender the Minister to law enforcement agencies. Eventually on November 15, under the control of FSB officers, Ulyukaev received two keesters with the required amount from Sechin. The siloviki detained the official near the office of the oil company. Lawyers insist that earlier the investigation had a slightly different version of what happened. In particular, initially it was not indicated that Ulyukaev threatened Sechin to give a negative assessment of Rosneft's participation in the privatization of Bashneft shares. Previously, it was only that the Minister demanded a bribe not personally, but through an intermediary for the issuance of an expert opinion of the Ministry of Economic Development, prepared in the shortest time, due to which Rosneft privatized Bashneft.

On this basis, the defense of the ex-Minister asked to return the criminal case to the Prosecutor's Office, but the court refused to do so. The prosecution party in turn called the defense's request for the return of the case to the Prosecutor's Office an attempt to delay the case.

Recall, today, August 16, the Zamoskvoretsky District Court of Moscow began to consider the case of former Minister of Economic Development Alexey Ulyukaev ad rem. Ulyukaev is charged with Bribe-Taking on an especially large scale (part 6 of Article 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The former Minister of Economic Development categorically denies his guilt, calling Sechin a provocateur. In the defendant's opinion, FSB officers and at that time head of the security service of Rosneft and former Deputy Head of the FSB Internal Security Directorate Oleg Feoktistov also participated in the provocation.



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