Ufa: Сourt convicts 24-year-old police officer of bribery

Ufa: Сourt convicts 24-year-old police officer of bribery

A police officer extorted a bribe promising to "take care" of a theft case in the Republic of Bashkortostan.

The Sovetsky District Court (Ufa) convicted the 24-year-old police officer working for the Russian MIA Ufa Department Police Station No.7 as an investigation officer of bribery.

The police officer investigated a minor mall theft (worth less than 1,000 rubles), according to the Office of Public Affairs of the local Public Prosecutors’ Office.

The officer told the suspect she could "take care" of the case and arrange a settlement. She than demanded the suspect pay her 49 thousand rubles ($851). The woman agreed to pay the officer who then demanded 55 thousand rubles ($955) more claiming it was a compensation for the victim.

The suspect ended up complaining to the police.

The officer was arrested when taking the bribe. She was later dismissed. The officer pleaded guilty during the following investigation. The Court gave her a 3-year suspended sentence and 2-year probation period. She was also barred from working in law enforcement for 3 years.



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