Ufa prosecutor takes bribes from local fixer, $1.4m found during searches

Ufa prosecutor takes bribes from local fixer, $1.4m found during searches
Photo: Valery Titievsky / Kommersant

Entrepreneur and deputy of the city council Vadim Ramazanov that accompanied many large transactions with real estate and land signed a plea deal with the investigation and escaped the arrest.

The prosecutor of the Sovetsky district of Ufa, Ramil Garifullin, was detained taking bribe worth 5 million rubles ($71.500) from local businessman and deputy of the City Council Vadim Ramazanov. The deputy is known as the city ‘fixer’, Kommersant reports. Ramazanov agreed to cooperate with the investigation and escaped arrest.

Garifullin was detained by FSB operatives in the room next to the office. A criminal case is initiated over Bribe-Taking (part 6 of Article 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). According to the investigation, Ramazanov transferred money to the prosecutor for the patronage of prosecutors in the Atbitrazh court. Before his appointment to the Sovetsky district in 2015, Garifullin headed the Prosecutor's Office of Ufa, Bashkortostan. A source close to the investigation said that the prosecutor allegedly had to transfer some of the money received to the people who helped Legis Consulting to save 40 hectares of cadastral land worth more than 355 million rubles. The co-owner of the company is Anna Komleva.

The district Prosecutor's Office demanded to recognize the privatization of the site illegal and to return the company's land to municipal ownership. The action was lost. According to the source, a set of measures taken by the employees of the supervisory authority prevented the court victory.

Vadim Ramazanov was detained a day before meeting with Garifullin, Sobkor 02 reports. He transferred money to the prosecutor in the framework of the investigative experiment. At first, Ramazanov was released but then reported that he is detained.

The FSB published a video of the detention of the prosecutor and deputy on Monday, September 10. At that moment they were in the same office. The Prosecutor's Office of Bashkiria noted that operational activities were carried out in agreement with the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation. The place of residence and work were searched. According to unofficial data, more than 100 million rubles ($1.4m) in cash were found.

Deputy Vadim Ramazanov is known in Ufa as a person who accompanied several significant transactions with real estate and land, including the bankruptcy of their owners. One of the partners of the entrepreneur is Vice-Speaker of the Kurultay of the Republic Vadim Starov. It is reported that Ramazanov extended the influence to personnel appointments in the Mayor's office, so people loyal to the businessman and his partners were appointed to the high places.



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