Udmurtia Deputy Minister of Transport arrested in Izhevsk

Udmurtia Deputy Minister of Transport arrested in Izhevsk
Alexander Soloviev

The FSB suspected the namesake of the Head of the Republic Alexander Soloviev of abuse of official powers.

The Izhevsk Oktyabrsky district court at the request of the Udmurtia FSB arrested the Deputy Minister of the Transport and Road Facilities in the Republic Alexander Soloviev for two months.

Soloviev was detained in Izhevsk on 14 October. With respect to him the criminal case was opened on suspicion of Exceeding Official Powers (part 1, Art. 286 of the Criminal Code).

According to the Udmurt press, FSB officers detained the Deputy Minister immediately after the corporate event dedicated to the Day of the road sector employee. At the same time the search and seizure of documents were carried out in the building of the Republic Mindortrans.

In addition, according to KP Udmurtia, the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Road Construction and Transport Division in Udmurtia and the staff of the legal department were detained. Their names are not announced.

Alexander Soloviev has been Deputy Minister of the Transport in Udmurtia since 10 August 2011. Previously he served as the Head of the Management of highways in the Udmurt Republic official institution.

As the newspaper Day.org wrote, the Deputy Minister had close relationship with the former Prime Minister of the Republic Yury Pitkevich, who appointed Soloviev for this position. Two months ago Pitkevich dismissed the Interim Head of the Udmurt Republic and the namesake of the arrested Deputy Alexander Soloviev.



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