Tyumen region: ex-officials go on trial for extorting wages from subordinates

Tyumen region: ex-officials go on trial for extorting wages from subordinates
Yelena Nikolayevskaya and Tatyana Guryanova

One of the women forced her employees to organize and run her daughter's wedding, but somehow thought no compensation was necessary.

The Tyumen Investigative Committee has completed the investigation of the criminal case against Yelena Nikolayevskaya, the former Chairman of the Culture and Tourism Committee at Yalutorovsk Administration, and her Deputy Tatiana Guryanova. They have been charged with Bribe-Taking (part 5 of Art. 290 of the Criminal Code) and Abuse of Official Powers (part 1 of Art. 285 of the Criminal Code).

Investigators believe that in early 2014, Yelena Nikolayevskaya made the director of a subordinate institution pay her 5000 rubles monthly. In return, the official was supposed to further the director’s career. As it turned out, the 5 thousands were part of a monthly bonus one of the employees would not get. If the director refused, Nikolayevskaya threatened he would have problems or get fired. In total, between March 2014 and December 2015 the official has obtained 110 thousand rubles from the director.

At some point, the money she was getting appeared to be insufficient, and in May 2014, Nikolayevskaya made a lawyer in the same institution pay her 5000 rubles regularly. That money was also someone else’s bonuses. In January 2015, the defendant’s appetite got even bigger. The woman increased the bribes to 10 thousand rubles per month. Nikolayevskaya would get her money either face-to-face or through her Deputy Tatiana Guryanova. Besides, between July and December 2015, Nikolayevskaya was extorting money from an expert working at another institution. The victim had to pay part of her salary on regular basis.

Investigators believe that in total the accused received over 200 thousand rubles from the lawyer and the expert.

In addition to the bribery, in 2014 Nikolayevskaya forced her staff to work at her daughter's wedding. However, she somehow found unnecessary to compensate their efforts, estimated at 35 thousand rubles.

The criminal case with confirmed indictment against the Chairman of the Committee on Culture and Tourism at Yalutorovsk Administration and her Deputy has been filed to the court for consideration on the merits.



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