Tyumen policemen accuse boss of corruption and nepotism

Tyumen policemen accuse boss of corruption and nepotism
Alexander Lazarev

Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs published an anonymous letter in which they told about all the lawlessness in the department.

Golyshmanovsky employees of the interdistrict department of the Interior Ministry, Tyumen Region, wrote an anonymous letter, which they posted online, accusing their boss, police colonel Alexander Lazarev, of corruption and abuse of power.

The letter says that Lazarev has been splitting the bonus fund between his favorites for years, while the rest of the cops are left with nothing. Cronyism flourishes in the department. For example, he split the bonus for the first half of 2019 between his wife and head of the personnel department, Anastasia Loseva, whose husband is the head of the temporary detention facility. The bonuses ranged from 80 thousand to 120 thousand rubles, the document says.

The police officers say that Lazarev uses a departmental vehicle Chevrolet Niva for his personal purposes, although it can only be used by juvenile inspectors. Colonel also fills his own cars at the expense of Internal Affairs.

“He mistreats all employees who do not agree with this state of affairs. At the meetings, such employees are humiliated and reproached,” the letter says.

Moreover, only those whom Lazarev likes are admitted to the department, the officers complain. For instance, the driver of the Golyshmanovsky department head got a job as senior inspector of road supervision for his son without any relevant experience, and made his daughter and son-in-law traffic inspectors, who were “never seen on the road at all”.

Meanwhile, ordinary employees have to constantly put up with overworking, and many have to patrol the territory in their own cars, because the service ones are being used by Lazarev’s favorites.

“Reports often go unaccepted on some far-fetched grounds, such a misplaced full stop, or a wrong word choice. The employees have nervous breakdowns and most of them have weapons,” the letter warns.

Resigning is not easy, because Lazarev allegedly calls the new workplace of his employee and “slings mud at them”.

"Meanwhile, we have the largest shortage in the region," the letter says.

In conclusion, the police officers describe their department as “ridiculous and outrageous” and admit that they are “ashamed before the people”. At the same time, the police stated that they had appealed to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Tyumen Region before, but no response came.

The press service of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs told Znak.com that the appeal would be investigated. The press service was unable to say whether complaints from employees of the Golyshmanovsky police had been received before.



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