Tyumen crusaders against economic crimes are accused of bribe-taking

Tyumen crusaders against economic crimes are accused of bribe-taking

The police officers were extorting businessmen’s money for offences – both real and fabricated.

The Tyumen Prosecutor's Office initiated a criminal case against two police officers from the MIA Economic Security and Anti-Corruption Department of Russia. Dmitry Shvedov, 29, and Sergey Shevchenko, 31, have been accused of Bribe-Taking (items (a) (b) (c), part 5 Article 290 of the Criminal Code). Shvedov is believed to have inspired the crime and therefore is also accused under article Exceeding of Official Powers (part 1, Art. 286 of the Criminal Code) and Official Forgery (part 1, Art. 292 of the Criminal Code).

Shvedov is assumed to have been the one to initiate the crime of extorting bribes from the businessmen. Note, that the policemen were working with the MIA department engaged in detection of offences of the financial credit system, insurance, combating legalization of criminally extracted income, and anti-counterfeiting. Investigators found that Shvedov had threatened spa-owners without a business license (part 2, Art. 14.1. of the Administrative Offences Code). The officer threatened to indict the businessmen on charges of conducting illegal business. For his protection and not holding the businessmen accountable, Shvedov demanded a bribe. In case the policeman failed to find any violations during the inspection, he simply faked them and still extorted bribes, threatening there would be administrative and criminal cases.

According to prosecutors, June 2015 Shvedov was seen receiving a bribe of 400 thousand rubles from one of the businessmen. A month later, the officer, already accompanied by his colleague Shevchenko, was employing the scheme to receive 200 thousand rubles from another businessman. In October 2015 Shvedov was going to get a bribe of 200 thousand rubles from yet another spa-owner in Tyumen. This time, Shvedov decided to involve his friend Gevorg Arutyunyan. Arutyunyan was to squeeze the money out of the businessman, using all the same threats. After the funds were transferred to the bank account, security officers detained Arutyunyan.

Soon Shvedov and Shevchenko were arrested and taken into custody.

The criminal case concerning Arutyunyan was made a separate proceeding as he had settled with the investigation. In August 2016, the court ordered him to pay a fine of 1 million rubles for Attempted Mediation in Bribery (item (b), part 3 of Art. 30, part 3 of Art. 291.1 of the Criminal Code).

The criminal cases have been sent to court for consideration on the merits.



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