Tyumen businessman and his son suspected of attempted murder of acting district head

Tyumen businessman and his son suspected of attempted murder of acting district head
House of Acting Head of the district, Lyubov Polyakova

Yesterday, the house of the official was set on fire by the unknown, the damage was estimated at 2 million rubles ($31,000).

Law enforcement authorities detained two residents of the Yarkovsky district of the Tyumen region on suspicion of attempting to kill the acting head of the district Lyubov Polyakova, whose house was burned by unknown persons the night before. The official on time ran out of the house and was saved, the press service of the regional administration of the ICR notes. According to the newspaper Novy Den', businessman Valery Nigmatulin and his son are suspects.

Investigators reported the detained father and son, born in 1972 and 1997, respectively. Nigmatulin's wife told the regional media on May 23 that her husband and son had gone to a shop the day before, after which the connection with them was lost, and the police searched the land plot with the greenhouse and the trailer without the owners.

“I drive up to my land plot, and police officers leave it and get into the car. My husband and I have only a trailer and a greenhouse on this plot. In our absence, everything was turned upside down. 100 thousand rubles ($100,000), which were stored under the carpet, disappeared from the van,” Lyudmila Nigmatulina told reporters.

According to the woman, law enforcement officers refused to acquaint her with the search warrant and protocol, but she snatched the documents out of their hands – they said that Polyakova’s house was set on fire and caused 2 million rubles ($31,000) of damage.

The department of administration for civil defense and emergency situations is sure that Nigmatulin arranged the arson, as he already came into conflict with the previous district leadership, Yevgeny Schukin, who is now serving time for exceeding his authority.

In 2017, the entrepreneur won at auctions for the maintenance of roads and the maintenance of cattle cemeteries, beating the permanent contractor of the mayor's office, TODEP, at price. After that, according to Nigmatulin, the pressure from officials began on him and his company: they refused to pay for the work done, in every possible way made it difficult to fulfill their obligations under the contracts.

In 2018, the FAS Directorate in the Tyumen region brought to justice several employees of the district administration. A year later, Nigmatulin won a tender for the maintenance of cattle cemeteries and again allegedly ran into opposition from officials.

One of the cattle cemeteries was in violation of the law on the territory of the nature reserve Tapovsky, but this did not bother the officials. The entrepreneur refused to perform work at this site and turned to the department of ecology and natural resources. An administrative case was initiated against the district administration. Officials tried to achieve the inclusion of the entrepreneur in the list of unscrupulous suppliers, but the FAS Directorate did not find any grounds for that.

On February 21, the head of the district, Yevgeny Schukin, was sentenced to three years for issuing a permit to build a house in the sanitary protection zone of the plant. The next day, the administration of the Yarkovsky district got a document about eliminating violations of the law on public procurement and bringing to disciplinary responsibility the first deputy of Shchukin, who oversaw the maintenance of cattle cemeteries, Ivan Maryin. However, he quit job on January 30.

Shchukin's powers passed to Lyubov Polyakova, and Nigmatulin allegedly never received all the money that came to him for the contracts. Previously, someone set fire to the car of the former head of the Shchukin district, one of his deputies was bombarded with smoke bombs, Rostekhnadzor inspectors got the wheels of the car pierced, the regional media writes. The investigation admits that Nigmatulin took revenge on the offenders.



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