Two officials are prosecuted for land hustle in Republic of Mari El

Two officials are prosecuted for land hustle in Republic of Mari El

Trial of a former head of the local administration and a former acting head of the urban settlement administration begins in Volzhsk.

The officials are accused of the swindling and forgery by an official.

Employees of the Volzhsk Investigative Department of the ICR Investigative Administration for the Republic of Mari El have completed the investigation of two criminal cases against the local officials, namely 52-year-old Head of Administration and 39-year-old former Acting Head of Privolzhsky urban settlement administration of the Volzhsk district, the Republic of Mari El. They are accused of committing crimes under the following articles of the Russian Criminal Code: part 2 of Art. 159 (Swindling Committed by a Group of Persons by Previous Concert, or by a Person through his Official Position, on a Large Scale), part 3 of Art. 159 (Swindling Committed by a Person through his Official Position), part 2 of Art. 292 (Official Forgery that has Entailed an Essential Violation of the Rights and Legitimate Interests of Citizens or Organizations or of Legally Protected Interests of Society or the State).

During the investigation, the law enforcement bodies found that the local administration employee had issued forged documents, which formed the basis for registering his ownership of the land in February 2009, the area of which amounted to 0.15 ha. This caused the Volzhsk municipal district of the Republic of Mari El budgetary losses in the amount of 163.5 thousand rubles.

The law enforcers also discovered that in April 2006, the official issued similar documents for the head of the local administration. Using the fake documents, in November 2015 the administration head was able to register the ownership of land, the area of which also amounted to 0.15 hectares. This resulted in 252 thousand rubles of damage to the local budget.

Moreover, in November 2014, while being the Acting Head of the local administration, the aforementioned official issued documents for one of his acquaintances, allowing to register a land plot in his name. In November last year, using false documents, they passed into the ownership of a land under a garage.

The Regional Investigative Committee of Russia noted that swindling, committed by the officials, have been detected by the police and the Prosecutor’s Office during inspections. The investigation has collected sufficient evidence to support the guilt of both defendants of the case. All the materials will be soon referred to the court for further consideration on the merits.



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