Two FSB colonels detained for bribes and ties with Zakonovskie gang arrested till June 10

Two FSB colonels detained for bribes and ties with Zakonovskie gang arrested till June 10
Colonels of the FSB Sergey Gudovannyi and Pavel Chermashentsev after detention

The investigation found out that in the period from 2016, Samara siloviki have received a total of 118 million rubles ($1.9m) from the top managers of the oil trading company MO TNP OJSC.

The Samara Regional Court has chosen a measure of restraint for two high-ranking officials of the regional FSB, detained on April 11 on suspicion of receiving bribes and links with the Zakonovskie organized crime group.

At the request of investigator Mikhail Semagin, the decision to arrest Pavel Chermashentsev, the head of the Department M of the Samara FSB, and Sergey Gudovannyi, the deputy head of the Economic Security Service of the FSB, for one month and 30 days, that is, until June 10, 2018.

The court also arrested detained with the officers on suspicion of mediation in the transfer of a bribe Sergey Bulatov and Alexey Pashkevich.

Earlier, criminal cases were initiated on the fact of taking and giving bribes (part 6 of Article 290 and part 4 of Article 291 of the Criminal Code).

According to the investigation version, from March 2016 to March 2018, Gudovannyi and Chermashentsev received several monthly payments through bank transfers to the controlled SarNefteTrade LLC, as well as a bribe of more than 1 million rubles ($16.300) in cash through the intermediaries Pashkevich, Gorchakov and Bulatov from director of the legal department of MO TNP Oleg Pavlov and director of the OJSC Vasily Ermakov. The investigators believe, the arrested persons illegally stayed idle in favor of MO TNP, namely, they did not take responsibilities detecting violations in the activities of the oil transshipment bases of TNP in the Samara region.

As reported by VolgaNews, Colonel Gudovannyi partially admitted his guilt at the trial. In particular, he noted that he received 60 million rubles of 80 million found in his apartments from the accused in the mediation Alexey Pashkevich. However, Gudovannyi noted that they received this money in a fraudulent way, as he never allowed any actions or counteractions against the applicants.

From the minutes of interrogation of top managers of the MO TNP Pavlov and Ermakov announced in court, it follows that since March 2016 they began to transfer 2 million rubles to Gudovannyi through Pashkevich monthly, but after the first payment Pashkevich said that 2 million rubles are not enough.

As previously reported by RBC, in addition to receiving bribes, Colonels Gudovannyi and Chermashentsev are suspected of having ties with the Zakonovskie organized crime group, its leader Sergey Gafurov and several gang members were detained in the summer of 2017.

In December of last year, within the investigation of the Zakonovskie case, the prosecutor of the Bezenchuk District, Andrey Pavlov, was detained. Also in the case of the organized crime group there are former head of the investigation department of the Promyshlenny District of the ICR in the Samara region Oleg Trukhman and head of the Center for Counteracting Extremism of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Samara region Vadim Neshchadimov.



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