Tver Minister for ensuring oversight functions detained in case of rogue cops gang

Tver Minister for ensuring oversight functions detained in case of rogue cops gang
Viktor Shaforost

Several operatives of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Directorate of Internal Affairs for Troitsky and Novomoskovsky Administrative Districts (TiNAO) of Moscow led by the brother of the Tver Minister are suspected of extortion and bribe-taking.

The Minister of the Tver region for ensuring oversight functions, Viktor Shaforost, was detained and conveyed to Moscow. According to, the official was rounded up by FSB operatives that arrived from Moscow. According to anecdotal evidence, together with the Minister, another high-ranking official of the regional government was nabbed - former Minister of Property and Land Relations of the Tver region (until April 19, 2018), Kirill Dolya, who currently oversees the office of the Tver region in Moscow.

REN TV, referring to the investigation data, reports that Viktor Shaforost was detained in connection with the criminal case of a gang of police extortionists led by his brother - the Head of the 2nd Department of the CID of Internal Affairs Directorate for TiNAO of the Main Directorate of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moscow, Pavel Shaforost. The organized criminal group also included his subordinates - operatives of the CID Yury Ovchinnikov, Naran Kharayev, Roman Sedykh, Pavel Yemelyanenko, Yevgeny Kartintsev, and Viktor Kalimulin.

According to the television channel, in August 2016 Pavel Shaforost with his subordinates, threatening the General Director of a private company in Novaya Moskva with the institution of a criminal case for violating the rules for the transfer of precious metals and gems to the state, took raw amber worth 2 million rubles ($31.8 thousand), as well as half a million rubles ($7.9 thousand) and $3 thousand in cash away from him. On the same day, the businessman was compelled to give police a bribe in the amount of 1.5 million rubles ($23.8 thousand), after which they drew up a report indicating that nothing was found when inspecting the company’s office.

It is reported that during the investigation several attempts were made to pressurize the investigators and destroy evidence. Novaya Moskva witnessed unknown persons setting the car of the injured entrepreneur on fire, and in May 2017 the criminals enkindled the premises of the Investigative Department, where the case of Shaforost and his gang was kept. Some of the investigation materials were destroyed in the fire.

REN TV notes that investigators suspect Minister of the Tver region for ensuring oversight functions Viktor Andreyevich Shaforost of the involvement in the last two crimes. Today Chertanovskiy Court of Moscow will pass a decision on the election of a preventive measure for Viktor Shaforost.



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