Tuapse ex-Mayor charged with bribery after getting $35.100 'birthday gift'

Tuapse ex-Mayor charged with bribery after getting $35.100 'birthday gift'
Alexander Chekhov

The official was detained in December 2017 with a bag he claimed was "a birthday present." The bag had 2 million rubles ($35.100) inside.

The Krasnodar Investigative Committee has initiated a criminal case on suspicion of particularly large bribery and mediation therein against the former Head of the Russian town of Tuapse, Alexander Chekhov, and an acquaintance of his. This was reported by the Committee’s press service.

Alexander Chekhov was detained in December 2017 at a cafe of Krasnodar airport. He was carrying a plastic bag he claimed was a 'birthday present' when policemen asked him. The bag had 2 million rubles ($35.100) inside.

According to the investigation, this was part of a 7.000.000-ruble payment the official wanted in return for allowing a private investor to build a multi-apartment building in Tuapse. The Mayor first promised to recognize a certain building as unfit for living. Then he made sure the investor’s company won the auction for the right to build a residential complex in the newly vacant spot.

The investor appealed to the ICR Investigation Department. He met with the mediator December 7 and gave him some of the amount required. After that, the investor and the mediator met Chekhov in the cafe, where they were detained by the officers of the Economic Security and Anti-Corruption Department of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Sources in the town administration reported that Chekhov had quit even before the money transfer, on December 1, with Yuri Kuzmenko allegedly appointed Interim Acting Mayor. However, the administration said in a December press release that Chekhov was still the Tuapse Mayor.

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