Troitsk ex-Mayor convicted of bribe-taking from authoritative businessmen released on parole

Troitsk ex-Mayor convicted of bribe-taking from authoritative businessmen released on parole
Viktor Shchekotov in court, 2015 Photo: Aleksandr Kondratyuk / Kommersant

Viktor Shchekotov, who has spent almost 4 years in jail (including in pre-trial detention), now plans to do business.⁠

Viktor Shchekotov, the former Mayor of Troitsk, Chelyabinsk region, who had been sentenced to 5.5 years of imprisonment for taking bribes, has been released from the penal colony on parole.

As the ex-official’s son Aleksandr Shchekotov told, his father returned home on April 25. It is noteworthy that according to Shchekotov Junior, the former mayor accused of bribery has been released from the general regime colony No.25 in Zlatoust, while in 2015, the court had sentenced him to a correctional colony of strict regime. In the place of detention, the ex-Head of Troitsk worked as a librarian.

“He’s now at home; he wants to rest for a week, talk with his family, and then go about his business,” Aleksandr Shchekotov told about his father. “He’s in good health; he is old school; I really wish everyone was as healthy. He hasn’t shared his plans yet, but apparently, he plans to go into business.”

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, Viktor Shchekotov was detained on July 1, 2013 on suspicion of receiving two bribes. During the investigation of the criminal case, the investigators charged the former mayor with 5 episodes of bribe-taking. It is worth noting that ex-Deputy of the local assembly and the leader of a Troitsk crime group Anatoly Fedorchenko gave the main testimony against the accused. Fedorchenko, who himself was under investigation for extortion at the time, told that in 2011-2012 Fedorchenko had received a bribe of 250 thousand rubles from businessmen for the provision of land plot and 150 thousand rubles for a place to install a shopping pavilion at Troitsk station square. In addition, in early September 2013, the city head was charged with an attempt to obtain a bribe of 300 thousand rubles. According to the investigation, Shchekotov demanded this money from a businessman in exchange for backdated permits for the construction of a café. And finally, the investigation accused the ex-mayor of getting a regular kickback from the leadership of the city market.

In September 2015, the Troitsk City Court sentenced Viktor Shchekotov to 5.5 year of strict-regime colony. Considering the time spent in a pre-trial detention center and under house arrest during the preliminary investigation and trial, the ex-official spent just over three years and nine months behind bars.



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