Transport police: drugs, bribes and crime-sponsored cover 

Transport police: drugs, bribes and crime-sponsored cover
St.Petersburg rogue cops Photo: The CrimeRussia

Last week the whole country celebrated a landmark date - 99 years since the day of the transport police formation. However, the North-West Internal Affairs Directorate on transport was upset. Recently, the department came in sight of public due to scandals: drug trafficking, kidnapping, extortion, public fights.

Who takes the honor of first assault?

The story of the detention of Major Anton Boev, the 37-year-old chief of the counter-drugs department on water transport, is full of detective twists and turns. As the media wrote, he and his accomplices in epaulets came in sight of the Сriminal Investigation Department. Detectives tracked down their customers when they spotted a suspicious car, in which the man was forcibly put. Led by professional curiosity, the investigators continued to track down. As the result, a criminal case over the Abduction of a person with the use of violence, or the threat of such violence (part 2 of Article 126 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) was initiated.

According to investigators, the detainees kidnapped the 42-year-old resident of Slantsy, beat him and, handcuffed, took to a shelter located in the Detskaya Street, where they demanded 300.000 rubles ($5300) for the release. The man managed to agree on the payment of debt in installments, and after receiving 60.000 rubles, the victim was released. Once free, the man applied to law enforcers. In the office of the investigator, he gave evidence, which intrigued the employees of the St. Petersburg FSB. As it turned out, several transport Internal Affairs Directorate (UVD) employees were extortionists who offered crime-sponsored cover.


Transport police's scandals

A criminal case against Major Anton Boev was flashed out by Senior Lieutenant Vladimir Gruzdev and former employee of the UFSKN Nikolay Lavrov cases. They were arrested, and the FSB raided the line department on a water transport. The result of this scandalous story was the resignation of the department on water transport chief Colonel Alexey Denisov, as well as police division chief Bushmin. All the detainees were arrested, except Anton Boev, whom the court placed under house arrest. As the sources say, the Major could share very interesting information concerning his leadership. It is possible that the former heads of this department would meet the investigation again. The other day, all the defendants' arrests were prolonged, and it is very likely that the case would approach the court by the summer.

Transport police crime-sponsored cover

This case with extortion and 'roofing' was not the last in the recent history of the North-West UVD on transport. A week ago, FSB operatives immediately detained 28-year-old Artem Shovkoplyas, the captain of the MIA department on transport, located in Poltavskaya Street, at the workplace. The reason was a tribute of 75 thousand rubles ($1300), which he and his two accomplices got from the MIRT medical center every month. As the media reported, as early as December 2016, operative of the UVD department Shovkoplyas with two acquaintances visited this institution, where he steamrolled the owner. At the same time, the accomplices who appeared as police officers had nothing to do with the law enforcement bodies, they were convicted for robbery and hooliganism criminals.


Rouge cops 'roofed' medical center

Under the pretext of a poor-quality service rendered to their acquaintance in this medical center, Shovkoplyas demanded compensation for damages and a monthly tribute of 30% of the profit, otherwise he threatened the institution with audits and checks.

The owner of the establishment agreed, and gave bribes for a whole year. In 2017, his patience collapsed, and he turned to the state security organs. According to the revealed facts, the North-West Investigation Department of the ICR on transport initiated a criminal case under the article Swindling (part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). By the way, after the detention and communication with the investigation, all the suspects pleaded guilty.

As reported in the official press release, "the investigation established that the employee of the St. Petersburg Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on transport, together with his friends, entered into a criminal conspiracy aimed at theft by deception by a group of persons on a systematic basis to obtain money of the organization that provides medical services." Soon, the investigation of this criminal case will be completed and sent to court. According to sources, a 28-year-old Captain will be dismissed from the UVD on the results of internal verification, and its management will be punished for this shameful incident.


Acting chief of the St. Petersburg UVD on transport Roman Frolov. Photo: The CrimeRussia

The sentence on the criminal case against acting chief of the St. Petersburg UVD on transport Roman Frolov remains unsolved. The Lieutenant Colonel was caught red-handed in a restaurant receiving 250 thousand rubles ($4400) for future patronage. Despite the fact that the criminal case was initiated at the end of 2016, no information was received about the verdict passed in 2017.

Drug dealers relay

All last year we wrote about the major drug dealings that concerned the North-West Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on transport, including the case of the St. Petersburg-Finland line department chief Major Oleg Ritman and police officer of the St.Petersburg-Vitebsk Linear Department Alexander Ivanov, who were detained by the Russian Interior Ministry's BIA for complicity in the sale of narcotic drugs on an especially large scale. Lieutenant-Colonel Alexey Levkovsky's case has joined historical records.


Lieutenant-Colonel Alexey Levkovsky during arrest


The St. Petersburg City Court passed a verdict on the resonant case of preparation for sale of 36 kg of heroin. Alexey Levkovsky, who was a current officer of the transport police in the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel at the time of the crime, got 18 years of strict regime. His acquaintance Andrey Vozhov is sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment. Earlier convicted Denis Vasiliev got 8 years of special regime.

In 2017, Head of the counter-drugs department of the St. Petersburg-Baltic Line Department of the Ministry of the Interior on transport Lieutenant-Colonel Dmitry Izotov. The detention of the officer occupying this position looked very symptomatic in the framework of the struggle begun two years before. So, 34-year-old Lieutenant Colonel Dmitry Izotov joined drug dealers’ gang. But he was on the hook of the FSB. So, he was detained at the time of receiving a tranche for the already sold lot of methadone.

Rails of Future

The annual summary report of the St. Petersburg Transport Police Head did not cover St. Petersburg's line departments at all.


According to the press service of the North-West Department of Internal Affairs on Transport, the most successful results in operational activities were achieved by staff of the Kotlas Linear Department of the Interior Ministry on Transport, the Pskov Line Department (2nd place) and the Vologda Line Department (3rd place).

It's surprising that new Head of the department Colonel Evgeny Stasishin did not mention "maintenance of official discipline and legality, raising the level of professional and moral-psychological readiness of personnel to perform assigned tasks" among other priorities of the work (as opposed to his predecessor Sergey Kostrykin) for some reason; and his final report declared "ensuring security, the rule of law, and the free will of the citizens in the presidential elections in Russia, as well as administration of justice during the World Cup" main tasks for 2018. There is one conclusion that the purity of the ranks is now the tenth thing, and the state security bodies will apparently monitor it.


Colonel Evgeny Stasishin

What, in fact, looks very peculiar in view of the scandal with former Deputy Head of the linear department of the transport police of Pulkovo airport - legendary Lieutenant Colonel Sergey Ratushny, who was four times expelled from the ranks of the employees of the internal affairs bodies. As we already mentioned, Ratushny restored his duties through the court. It is unknown whether the new criminal case will terminate Ratushny's career, or the leadership of Transport Police will decide that the organization of the World Cup safety is out on a limb; we watch the development of affairs.



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