Traffic police officer detained in car with gang members

Traffic police officer detained in car with gang members

Mytishchi traffic police officer is being checked for charges of involvement into an organized crime group of car thieves.

An officer of the Moscow Region traffic police is suspected of involvement in the activities of an organized crime group, which is responsible for stealing cars in the region. A source in law enforcement agency said that the officer of Road Patrol Service of the Mytishchinskoye Intermunicipal Department of the Russian Interior Ministry was found in the car when the gang members were arrested.

Traffic inspector, as well as other detainees, was taken to the police department. At the moment, it is being investigated whether he has anything to do with the gang’s illegal activities. The investigators made out to get on the trail of thieves once the latter had stolen a Nissan Patrol and an Infiniti Q70. The cars were stolen in Moscow and hidden in underground garages in the Moscow Region. Prior to that, the press office of the Moscow Department of the Russian Ministry of Interior announced the arrest of the gang of car thieves. A criminal case into car theft was initiated. The suspects had cash amounting to 1.4 million rubles, tools for breaking into cars and turning off the alarm, the keys to the car ignition locks, and sets of registration plates.



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