Traces of Russian employee of Bombardier detained in Sweden lead to Yakunin

Traces of Russian employee of Bombardier detained in Sweden lead to Yakunin
Vladimir Yakunin

The name of the former Head of the Russian Railway is mentioned in the service record, while hundreds of transactions of Bombardier pass through firms of people close to him.

The name of Vladimir Yakunin is mentioned in the documents submitted by the Swedish Prosecutor's Office as the proof on the case of a bribe. This was reported by Canadian media The Globe and Mail. To recall, last week information on detention of the Russian citizen by the police – the employee of the Swedish department of the known Canadian company Bombardier appeared. This company delivers equipment for railroads to Russia .

The name of the former Head of the Russian Railway occurs in the service record of 2014. Besides, firm through which the Swedish branch of world machine-building giant performed deliveries of products to Russia - Multiserv Overseas Ltd. is connected with Yakunin's adviser and his friend – Andrey Krapivin. The company was registered in 2010 in London, and its first director was one of Krapivin's partners - Yury Obodovsky. Now it is controlled by Andrey Krapivin's son – Alexey. And as appears from the Panama files, in addition he possesses at least 11 more offshores registered in Panama on the British Virgin Islands and in the American State of Delaware. Obodovsky at the same time is a deputy chairman of the board of directors of JSC Elteza - Bombardier joint business and the Russian Railway.

The media also notes interesting feature - Canada for some reason did not inflict on Yakunin the sanctions imposed ‘for annexation of the Crimean peninsula by Russia in 2014’. The fact of lobbying by Bombardier of interests of Yakunin was confirmed by the vice-president of the company for public relations Mike Nadolski. At the same time, according to him, Multiserv Overseas is a legal business partner.

While in one of letters (which were also shown in the Swedish court) of Bombardier from September 2015, Multiserv Overseas is represented as a company which is used as means for withdrawn of sums of money from a public sector in private pockets of its owners - managers of state companies.

Yakunin himself, answering a question of the newspaper by e-mail writes that he “vaguely remembers the name Multiserv”, and sweeps aside any possibility that contracts of the Russian Railway were signed in the ‘unseemly way’.

Those top managers, among whom there also was Obodovsky, in the provided service record are called ‘powerful people’, having access to Yakunin and all key members of management (the Russian Railway). Also it is noted that they have access almost to all heads of the railroads of the CIS. And having such contacts, they can “influence the decision made on both sides - technical and commercial”, it is noted in the document submitted to court.

It should be noted that accusations in Sweden only concern one transaction, regarding delivery in 2013 of the equipment Bombardier Transportation Sweden to Azerbaijan. And as the CrimeRussia already wrote, Alexey Krapivin who sold the system of automation Multiserv Overseas Ltd made by the Swedish department Bombardier also took part in the transaction. And only after that it went to Azerbaijan.

At the same time works on equipment by the Swedish systems of 13 Azerbaijani stations for the total amount of 288 million dollars were conducted by the Russian department Bombardier. Thus it turns out that the Swedish company delivered the equipment to  its own ‘daughter’ through offshore, belonging to Yakunin's ‘partners’.



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