Tomsk judges resign after two policemen get acquitted

Tomsk judges resign after two policemen get acquitted

Three judges of the Molchanovskiy District Court filed resignations.

The Tomsk Regional Court accepted the resignations of all the judges of the Molchanovsky District Court, Interfax reports, citing the court’s press service. According to the source, the three judges filed resignations in connection with the acquittal of two police officers.

The website of the qualification board of judges of the Tomsk region said that the chairman of the Molchanovsky Court, Vyacheslav Lapaev, and the judges Tatyana Dubasova and Irina Usynina quit. A representative of the regional court noted that the judges did not give the reason for the resignation.

A source at Interfax reported that the judges had written their resignation letters after a comprehensive court check. According to the source, two policemen were acquitted by in the court and some corruption scheme was revealed during sentencing.

The TV2 website said citing a source that it might be about the sentence imposed on two police officers on December 20, 2018. According to the case file on the court website, on that day, Judge Dubasova acquitted the police officers Ivan Vuts and Alexei Kolosov, who were charged with exceeding official powers (part 1 of Art. 286 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

According to the prosecution, in August 2016, the policemen failed to help a minor who was injured in an accident and did not report on the accident. The Tomsk Regional Court overturned the sentence and sent the case for reconsideration in a different court composition.



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