Tomsk ex-police chief convicted of corruption

Tomsk ex-police chief convicted of corruption
Igor Mitrofanov

The General cheated on his pension and ignored the message about the acquaintance’s criminal activity.

The former Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Tomsk region, Igor Mitrofanov, is sentenced to eight years' imprisonment, with a fine in the amount of three times the bribe - 6.4 million rubles. The General was found guilty of fraud in pension payments, abuse of power, and receiving a bribe on an especially large scale, TASS reports.

According to investigators, Mitrofanov promised protection to businessman Andrey Krivoshein, and also helped him illegally obtain four 777 license plates, in turn, the Ministry of Internal Affairs bought BMW X6, BMW 550i xDrive, Porsche Cayenne and Lexus LX 470 through a counterparty with a discount of 2.1 million rubles, Moskovsky Komsomolets writes. The investigation estimated the cost of Mitrofanov’s car fleet at 15.977 million rubles.

According to another episode, the ex-Head of the regional UBEP, Colonel Konstantin Savchenko, told Mitrofanov about the illegal banking activities of Krivoshein - cashing in hundreds of millions of rubles, but the ex-Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs ignored the information. Now Savchenko is doing time for bribes received from Krivoshein in the form of property and illegal rendering of services.

Also, Mitrofanov inflicted damage to the state of 184 thousand rubles, forging information about his place of residence. The General 'registered' in the north of the Tomsk region, and increased the amount of his pension with 'north' bonuses.

Police Colonel Alexey Kulkov bought the apartment for 63 thousand rubles. The Colonel sold a third of the housing to Mitrofanov and another ex-deputy Alexey Vetrov, who later donated their parts to the chief, VTomske reports. According to the investigation, Mitrofanov never appeared in the apartment and acquired the share for the increased pension.



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