Tomsk: court questions ex MIA Head on his corrupted protégé  

Tomsk: court questions ex MIA Head on his corrupted protégé
Igor Mitrofanov Photo: Dmitry Kandinsky /

Mitrofanov is a witness in the case of Konstantin Savchenko, the region’s chief anti-corruption leader in the past.

Igor Mitrofanov, the former MIA Head in the Tomsk region, was questioned in court in the case of his former subordinate Konstantin Savchenko, who used to be the chief of the region’s MIA Directorate for Economic Safety and Counteracting Corruption before the lawsuit.

Mitrofanov said before the court session that he did not want any media during the interrogation, as a state secret may be revealed. The court granted his request and conducted the questioning in closed session. There has been no information yet as to what testimony the ex MIA official gave as a witness in the corruption case.

According to CrimeRussia’s previous reports, Savchenko’s case had been passed to the Regional Court in early August of 2016. The former Tomsk anti-corruption advocate was accused of taking bribes; namely, three iPhones and a big discount on a Toyota Highlander from Andrey Krivoshein, a businessman from the city of Seversk. For his protection of the businessman the policeman received an estimated amount of 913 thousand rubles. Savchenko did not plead guilty.

Константин Савченко

We should also point out that the defendant is a direct protégé of General Igor Mitrofanov, who in 2016, by President’s order was dismissed from the post of the MIA Head in the Tomsk region. He left his job upon retirement. Meanwhile, Krivoshein is getting out of his way to get a conviction for Mitrofanov. The businessman claims that the Major General extorted money and luxury cars from him.



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