Three Saratov policemen suspected of extortion

Three Saratov policemen suspected of extortion

Field investigators tried to take 300 thousand rubles ($5.000) from local citizen, threatening him with nonexistent criminal case.

Three operatives from department of fight against organized crime of criminal office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the region are detained in Saratov. Law enforcement authorities were convicted of extortion of 300 thousand rubles ($5.000) from a local citizen.

As investigating officers established, police officers extorted money from 26-year-old resident of Saratov, threatening to open a case against him under a cover-up. The young man gave to the police officers 140 thousand rubles, however subsequently he addressed to law enforcement agencies.

The law  enforcement authorities were detained during transfer of the second part of a bribe. Two of them can be taken into custody – the investigation prepares the corresponding petition, one more suspect is under recognizance not to leave.



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