The Stavitskiy family’s nest of corruption  

The Stavitskiy family’s nest of corruption
If he had not been promoted, he would have spent money of Zvenigorod for the next ten years

During the years of governing Zvenigorod, Stavitskiy Sr. has turned the town into a profitable place for him and his relatives. Moreover, he has made connections there, which let him perform different suspicious operations. His ex-deputy and his son are also involved in his illicit business.

Nowadays, Leonid Stavitskiy is the First Deputy Minister of Construction, Housing and Public Utilities of the Russian Federation and the Chairman of the Interdepartamental Committee, which guides construction of Vostochniy cosmodrome. He was the head of Zvenigorod over the period from 2003 to 2013. During those years of governing Zvenigorod, Stavitskiy Sr. has turned the town into a profitable place for him and his relatives. Also he has made lots of connections there, which let him perform different suspicious operations. Moreover, his ex-deputy Mikhail Shagalov and his son Vladislav, who is, reportedly, "wearing two hats", being a high ranking official and an owner of business assets, turned out to be involved in his (Leonid Stavitskiy’s) illicit business. More detailed information you can find in the CrimeRussia’s materials.


The passion of Leonid Stavitskiy is construction, he has already become an insider in the sphere, and also the Honored Builder of Russia. After graduating from Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, he worked as a Deputy Director of the enterprise №2 (MosGorGlavSnab) and  served as the Main Engineer in Byurobinstroy construction trust. From 1997 to 1998 he was a Deputy Director of Real Estate Management in the Department Managing operations of JSC United Import-Export Bank – the ONEKSIM Bank. 2000 year appeared to be fatefulfor Stavitskiy – he was appointed to the position of the First Deputy Minister of Construction, Housing and Public Utilities by an order of governer Boris Gromov. He controlled activities connected with increasing volumes of socially important and residential buildings construction there. His core-competence issues were connected with State Expertise Agency, Government Architecture and Construction Inspectance, Main Department for Architecture and Urban Development and also implementation of the program of sport objects construction and gas infrastructure development. In 2002 he filled in the position of the Head of the Moscow Regional Administration in Zvenigorod. A year after, he won an election and became the Mayor of the town.

If he was not promoted, he would spend money of Zvenigorod for the next ten years. It is easy to find information about Stavitskiy’s and his fellows’ activities, in the Internet, as well as discover many aggressive bloggers’ notes – evidently, they are citizens of Zvenigorod and they are disappointed in the politics handled by the new Mayor. So, the MOSOBL life journal published a note, which calls the ex-head of Zvenigorod as “brother-in-law” of Boris Gromov, whose main merit is town’s landscape and historical monuments spoiling.

- Forests, fields, river creeks are being culled to get some free space to build residential quarters, ugly nouveau-riche cottages and highways, - the author says.

It is also reported, Stavitskiy has got rid of not only popular among local people dairy plant, but also the Dynamo factory, producing sports tricots, toys factory, the Prima factory, specializing on recreational goods, and furniture and hosiery manufactures as well. According to the author, more than ten enterprises were closed during the period of Stavitskiy’s governance. “Moscow satellite town Zvenigorod is loosing its historical view. However, local officials have done everything to turn an ancient settlement into an ordinary multistage residential quarter”, - the author published. There are a lot of photos of historically valuable buildings demolition in the Internet, one of them is Piskaryov’s house, which had been fired several times. In spring 2013, vandals managed to destroy it – they took over a protective roof. Nowadays, there are already no houses but ruins and burnt beams.




All the tiny places of historical Zvenigorod were “modernized” by Leonid Stavitskiy, and even the town center.

- Stavitskiy spoilt it by constructing office and retail centers, made in practical Soviet Union architectural style (with lots of public toilets and transformer houses) and usually decorated them with pillars and cornices, without any fretwork or even the feeling of right proportions, - said one of Zvenigorod angry citizens.


The CrimeRussia source has confirmed the information about Stavitskiy accusation of being accessory to bankruptcy of several Zvenigorod enterprises. According to our data, in June 2015 Stavitskiy took part into the JSC Dairy Plant Zvenigorodskiy liquidation with the help of his deputy Mikhail Shagalov. The factory has been working successfully since 1999, but 16 years after, the area, on which it had been located, became extremely necessary for the Head of Zvenigorod. It is unknown whether Stavitskiy was doing it because of some paid orders or he was lobbying others in his own interests, however, in 2015 the factory was closed. According to our source, the area was vacated to build a new residential complex.


Residential areas and other real estate objects are not Stavitskiy’s passion only,  but his son’s as well. He has probably known since his childhood that it is a profitable area. And if your father is a major sectorial official, you are able to earn a lot. The result is to the fore – Stavitskiy Jr. has possessed more than 20 construction companies recently. Two of them, the Sports Palace Zvezda and the ZhilStroyInvest, have won multimillion tenders. However, since January of 2015, he is no longer a co-owner of most of his companies. All the assets of Vladislav Stavitskiy appear in Luidmila Kondakova’s hands. What has happened in this successful entrepreneur’s life? Maybe, Vladislav Stavitskiy has disappointed in business, or government threatened his companies. Or, maybe, corrupted officials do not let him do his business.


Everything turned out to be much more regular. We have found out that several days before the situation, new manager Vladislav Stavitskiy, appeared in the Irkutsk Ministry of Construction. As it is said on official websites of Russian State Agencies: “V.L. Stavitskiy was born on the 2 of October 1985 in Moscow. In 2007, he graduated from the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation with the degree in anti-crisis management. Starting from 2014 he fills the function of a deputy minister of Construction and Road Facilities in the Irkutsk Region”. But on the 19 of January, Stavitskiy was appointed to a position of Deputy Minister of Construction, Architecture and Spatial Development of the Rostov Region. Unfortunately, none of Vladislav’s profiles include information that he is Leonid Stavirskiy’s son. However, this conclusion seems to be logical when you see a complete coincidence in their names and years of age (one of Leonid Stavitskiy’s interview contains information, that he has an adult son). An indirect confirmation of the fact that Zvenigorod businessman is a Rostov official from the Ministry of Construction is that all the enterprises are incorporated in Zvenigorod.

Stavitskiy Jr. violates the anti-corruption legislation, which prohibits government employees to run business personally or with the help of authorized delegates. 

The most curious thing in the situation with Stavitskiy Jr. is that he violates the anti-corruption legislation, which prohibits government employees to run business personally or with the help of authorized delegates, as well as manage economic entities (apart from housing, house building and garage cooperatives, as well as gardening, agricultural and village consumer cooperatives) 

(According to the Federal Law from 27.07.2004 No. 79-FZ "On the State Civil Service in the Russian Federation")


After his boss dismissing, Leonid Stavitskiy’s ex-deputy Mikhail Shagalov became member of the Committee of Public Control over the activities of Institutions of Development of House Construction, Housing and Utility service and lower organizations of the Ministry of Construction. In other words, after his career in Zvenigorod, Shagalov has joined to the organization, which cooperates with the Ministry of Construction, and seems that it has happened under Stavitskiy’s protection. According toCrime Russia data, this committee controls sharing and implementing government contracts. So, according to the Card Index, Shagalov is an owner of numerous companies, which operate in building business. You can find nore information about the motioned companies in the attached documents. Note that the co-owners of the LLC GrandMaster are Lyudmila Kondakova and Viktoriya Shagalova, but before 2014, 50% of its shares belonged to Vladislav Stavitskiy but the Monolit company now belongs to Kondakova and Daniil Shagalov. By the way, the LLC Zhelanniy Bereg is one of the companies actively constructing residential complexes in Zvenigorod, it was owned in diverse periods of time by numerous different people including Leonid Stavitskiy.

The CrimeRussia source reported that Leonid Stavitskiy and Mikhail Shagalov are not only inseparable colleagues but also devoted friends, and in social networks as well. So, Shagalov regulary retweets Stavitskiy’s posts. Another detail in Shagalov’s biography is his dual citizenship in Russia and in Germany, which is prohibited for government employees, however, it did not hinder him from becoming the Deputy Head of Zvenigorod. It is also known that Shagalov owns not only business in Russia but in Germany as well – a company producing BAAs.


One of Shagalov’s close connections is Igor Oblivantsev. Oblivantsev owns shares in Shagalov’s LLC Zhelanniy Bereg. During business breaks, friends prefer to swim a little bit in Zvenigorod Alesha Tavern recreational complex. Andrey Skachkov is also in good relations with Shagalov. According to the CrimeRussia, Vladislav Stavitskiy, Mikhail Shagalov and Andrey Skachkov had their common business assets, before entering governmental activities. As it is said, several companies white washes illegal finances. One of those companies is the Business Stroy firm that is owned by Viktoriya Shagalova. Svetlana Vorobiyova is its SEO.

It seems to be disappointing: Leonid Stavitskiy takes part into the story connected with deliberate bankruptcy of Zvenigorod enterprises, his devote deputy is just like a German spy, and his son has been breaking anti-corruption legislation since 2014. Companies, which are owned by Stavitskiy Jr. and Shagalov, "absolutely honestly" win multimillion tenders in construction area and white wash money.

The CrimeRussia article can be considered as an application request to relevant state agencies, claiming to investigate the Stavitskiy’s family and their relatives.


 List of companies owned by Stavitskiy and Shagalov
 Government business of Vladislav Stavitskiy



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