The real owner of Colonel Zakharchenko’s billions unveiled 

The real owner of Colonel Zakharchenko’s billions unveiled
Vladimir Razgonov Photo: A still from the video

The defense lawyers of the colonel made a press conference to say that they were going to get an acquittal on all counts.

Lawyers of the former employee of the T-Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ Economic Security and Anti-Corruption Department, Dmitry Zakharchenko, sentenced to 13 years in a corruption case, announced plans to appeal the verdict and obtain an acquittal of the ex-colonel, reports Komsomolskaya Pravda.

The five lawyers of the former colonel plan to report mistakes made by the investigators and the prosecutor's office and present the person who, they claim, is the real owner of the 8.5 billion rubles found in the apartment of Zakharchenko’s half-sister. Earlier, the woman’s husband, Vladimir Razgonov, claimed in court that he had made the money establishing his first video salons in the 1990s and having an apartment renovation business in Moscow. The lawyers showed a video of his confession.

Alexander Karabanov, the chairman of the Moscow Bar Association Karabanov and Co., said that Zakharchenko “tried to return 2 billion rubles to the budget and they punished him for it.”

Another Zakharchenko’s attorney, Alexander Gorbatenko, said that the ex-colonel had been standing on the way of businessmen and security officials, for which he was punished. According to Gorbatenko, 8.5 billion rubles belong to Zakharchenko's family and the court could not prove the opposite.

Lawyer Viktor Emelyanov added that the legality of 19 million rubles found in Zakharchenko’s mother’s apartment was fully confirmed by the woman. The funds found in the car of the ex-colonel during his arrest were the working capital of an entrepreneur he knew, which, according to the lawyer, was also officially confirmed.

Earlier it was reported that Zakharchenko is in two more cases investigated by the ICR. The first one is about accepting bribes from the owners of 1520 Group and related financiers, and the other one is about creating a criminal community with the participation of power structures and entrepreneurs.



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