The Investigator who sold 30 trucks with coffee went in prison for 4,5 years

The Investigator who sold 30 trucks with coffee went in prison for 4,5 years
Ex-investigator Aleksey Monin

Former investigator Aleksey Monin decided to sell coffee confiscated as physical evidence.⁠

Former investigator on major cases of the Investigative Committee of the Ministry of Internal Defense Monin was adjudged guilty in abuse of office, which implied serious circumstances (art. 286 para. 3 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The Tverskoy Moscow Court sentenced him to 4,5 years of imprisonment, said BFM.

It should be recalled, that he was a target in a high-profile case initiated 9 years ago. Back then, 30 trucks with coffee of Lithuanian businessman Nikolay Kudelko were illegally seized and sold. While on the paper, the physical evidence in form of a large consignment of goods was destroyed.

According to the investigators, in 2007 Monin undertook a criminal case over the Limited Liability Company Delfranazh’s trading of counterfeit coffee. A verification on the counterfeit expire date and documents on its liquidation by Tranzit Sever-Yug Company was created. Previously investigators of the Department for Economic Security demanded 500 thousands dollars to return the businessman’s goods. When Kudelko refused, a criminal case was initiated against him and he was convicted. Later he managed to partly appeal against the decision of the court and started to strive for a criminal liability of the all security servicemen, who were extorting his money.

Some MIA officials have already been convicted during the proceeding of the case. The investigator, who initiated case against Kudelko, is currently hiding and put on wanted list. Also a case against a policeman of 28-th department of special investigative branch № 6 of the Department for Economic Security of the MIA senior lieutenant Vladimir Orlov, the son of the Vladimir Region governor, is allocated in separate clerical correspondence.



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