Investigator in Samara refused to take bribe of 1 million rubles

Investigator in Samara refused to take bribe of 1 million rubles

In Samara, the investigator turned the briber in to the police for offering him 1 million rubles for the closure of the criminal case.

In Samara the officer of the Investigative Department of the Russian MIA in Moscow Region Kinelsky filed a criminal case against a local 55-year-old resident for an Swindling (Part 3 of Art. 30, Part 4 of Art.159 of the Russian Criminal Code). The reason for this was an attempt to bribe the detective.

According to the regional MIA, during the investigation, law enforcement officers found out that a 55-year-old intruder tried to bribe the coroner in the office, suggesting 1 million rubles for the ceasing of the case against him. In response to that, the officer warned the man that the act of bribery is punished by law and entails criminal liability. In spite of this, the man continued to insist on his offer.

After the perpetrator left the detective's office, the Investigative Officer informed specialists of the regional administration for combating economic security and Corruption about the incident.

The law enforcement officers subsequently conducted an operation of detaining the suspect in one of the Samara's shopping malls. He was arrested on July 12th during an attempt to bribe the detective with 1 million rubles for the termination of the investigation.

Based on the materials that were collected by the law enforcement personnel, the Investigation directorate of the Investigative Committee in Samara region initiated the criminal case under Part 5 of Art. 291 of the Russian Criminal Code (Bribe-giving). The investigation is now being proceeded.



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