The Investigative Committee reopened the theft of funds case in the Alania FC

The Investigative Committee reopened the theft of funds case in the Alania FC
Ex-director of the FC Alexander Stelmakh

Ex-director of the football club Alexander Stelmakh was accused of embezzling 109 million rubles.

The Investigation Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia (ICR) in North Ossetia reopened the criminal case against the former director of the football club "Alania" Alexander Stelmakh. He was again charged with art. 158 of the Criminal Code, "The theft of another's property in a large scale". Investigators suspect the former sports official of embezzling 109 million rubles.

This criminal case was initiated on 30th of September of the year 2014. According to investigators, Alexander Stelmakh, as a director of the club, has concluded an agency agreement with Mikhail Lebedev, one of the founders of the "Boutique Football" company, registered in the United Kingdom. He was supposed to represent the interests of the "Alania" before national football federations, recruit players, provide legal backing, as well as implement measures to assist in the signing of labor contracts. Lebedev’s fee for the transfer of a certain football player to the "Alania" was 1 million Euros and as a result this amount by several parts was transferred to his current account. Soon, however, the MIA and the FSB in North Ossetia found out that Mikhail Lebedev has no relation to European football organizations.

The Prosecutor's Office of North Ossetia has submitted the criminal case for further investigation in the Investigation Directorate of the ICR of the republic and the investigators found that the question of the acquisition of the foreign player had actually been discussed by the Supervisory Board of the "Alania" FC. Later at the trial, it was confirmed by the former president and chief coach of the "Alania" Valery Gazzayev. In addition, preliminary investigation has not shown any data indicating that the money transferred to the "Boutique Football" company account in the future were received by Stelmakh or someone of his relatives. Thus, criminal charges against the former director of the football club "Alania" were dropped due to absence of the event of crime in his actions.

At the moment, neither Alexander Stelmakh, nor Valery Gazzayev, nor the former Chairman of the Supervisory Board Sergei Takoev know nothing of the reopening of the case and cannot explain investigators’ actions.



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