Former Head of Rosgranitsa will remain in pretrial detention center

Former Head of Rosgranitsa will remain in pretrial detention center
Dmitry Bezdelov

The Moscow City Court prolonged the arrest of the former director of The Federal Agency for the Development of the State Border Facilities of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Bezdelov, who is accused of stealing more than 1 billion rubles.

As a response to the court’s decision the former official stated that he could've avoided the arrest, if he asked for political asylum in Italy, from which he was extradited in April 2016.

However, Bezdelov, according to his words, did not considered this option in order to prove his innocence.

As he noted in the court, in 2014 he went to Italy without any difficulties, because at that time he was still at his position and the permit to leave was approved by Dmitry Medvedev.

The lawyer of the former official, Dmitry Kozhemyakin, said that there is no reason for the extension of the arrest.

Bezdelov was arrested in 2014 by Italian authorities immediately after the court’s decision for detention in absentia for two months.

However, the former head of the federal agency was extradited only after 14 months.

Let's remind that Bezdelov was accused of fraud and was extradited from Italy to Russia this spring by the employees of the FPСS (Federal Penal Correction Service) and the Russian bureau of Interpol.

According to the case files, in 2009, Bezdelov, by using his official position, organized the fraud scheme to steal the money, that were intended for the construction of the railway crossing point "Adler".

The Prosecutor General's Office announced that the damage to the state budget caused by their actions was more than 1,17 billion rubles.



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