The defendant in the " Gaizer" case, ex-head of Komi Republic administration, tried to commit suicide

The defendant in the " Gaizer" case, ex-head of Komi Republic administration, tried to commit suicide
Elena Shabarshina

The former chief of staff of the Komi Republic and the former chairman of the Election Commission, Elena Shabarshina, attempted suicide before the court hearing, where she was about to be judged.

She was hospitalized in serious condition on Friday to emergency room in regional hospital Ezhva, in Syktyvkar, with strong poisoning. Elene B. is suspected of bribery and connections to organized crime associations of the ex-head of the republic, Vyacheslav Gaizer.

According to "Interfax", the woman took a large number of different drugs.

On the 1st of July, the Court of Syktyvkar should’ve accused E. Shabarshina of taking bribes in a large amounts (p. 6, art. 290 of the Russian Criminal Code). Moreover, according to the local press, prosecutors asked the court to elect a preventive measure in the form of a bail.

However, the defendant didn’t show up in the court due to her health conditions, and the hearing was postponed, the period of consideration was not called. Later it became known that Shabarshina was hospitalized. Currently, law enforcement authorities are investigating the cause and the circumstances of the suicide attempt.

The criminal case against her was initiated by the Investigative Committee on the 30th of June. Immediately afterwards, she wrote a letter of resignation and without any delay, was discharged from the post by a.i. the head of Komi, Sergei Gaplikov. Later, during questioning Shabarshina fully has admitted her guilt.

According to the investigation, throughout eight and a half years, starting in 2007, the head of the Election Commission of the Republic received large sums of money on a monthly basis from the deputy head of the Komi, Konstantin Romadanov, as bribes for protection and connivance at the service. As a result, during the years of criminal conspiracy, the official was paid not less than 6 million rubles.

The former deputy head of the Komi, who was passing money to her through intermediaries is currently among the other 20 defendants in the " Gaizer" case, stays in remand center. Yesterday the court extended arrest of Vyacheslav Gaiser and five others involved in the case until 20th of September.



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