Court released on parole accomplice of Yevgeniya Vasilyeva

Court released on parole accomplice of Yevgeniya Vasilyeva
Photo: Tass

Maxim Zakutaylo was released on parole a year earlier for good behavior.

The Court in Kirovo-Chepetsk (Kirov region) has released on parole Maxim Zakutaylo, the participant of the Oboronservis criminal case. RIA Novosti were informed about that by the prisoner's lawyer Oleg Bessonov. Zakutaylo applied for an early release in June 2016.

According to Bessonov, neither prosecutors nor the colony did not object to satisfy the request, taking into account the positive referrals and good behavior of the prisoner. The court's decision in regards to the participant of the Oboronservis case will come into force in 10 days.

Let’s remind that the Presnensky Court of Moscow sentenced Maxim Zakutaylo to 3.5 years in prison. He was sent to one of the colonies in the Kirov region to serve his term. In total, Zakutaylo has spent 2 years 3 months in custody.

In May 2015 the court have found Maxim Zakutaylo guilty in the episode of Fraudulent activities under the agency agreement, as well as the episode of Embezzlement of funds from the UMS’s cash register in regards to construction and employment contracts. In November 2011, Zakutaylo was charged with Swindling committed on an especially large scale. The investigation revealed that in 2011, Zakutaylo signed two fictitious employment contracts – one with his friend Anastasia Dyankina, who should have worked as his assistant, and another with Igor Krukov – he would work as his deputy. This happened when Zakutaylo occupied the post of Chief of the subsidiary organization of the Ministry of Defence called Okruzhnoy materialniy sklad of Moscow District VVS. These people did not go to work and perform their duties, but they still were receiving salaries and bonuses – in total the company has paid them more than 156 and 111 thousand rubles, respectively. Also, according to the investigation, Zakutaylo signed agency agreements of buyers search for real estate of the Ministry of Defense, but in fact such works were not carried out, as buyers Defense Ministry buildings were known in advance.

Note, that this is not the first time when the court has satisfied the complaint for an early release of the defendants in the Oboronservis case. Earlier, the Sydogodsky Court of Vladimir Region released from prison on parole Yevgeniya Vasilyeva, the leading figure in the Oboronservis case. The list of people, who were released on parole from prison includes: Natalia and Nikolai Dynkovy, Dinara Bilyalova, Ekaterina Smetanova, Maxim Zakutaylo’s wife who even avoided imprisonment. She was directly involved in the sale of the property of the Ministry of Defence, but during the trial she signed the agreement of cooperation with the investigation and testified against her accomplices. Smetanina received the 4-year suspended sentence and was fined 6.5 million rubles.

Let us recall that the criminal case of Oboronservis was initiated in 2012 after the scandalous discovery of an embezzlement scheme of the state property in the Russian Ministry of Defense. The leading figure of the case, Yevgeniya Vasilyeva, and her accomplices caused the damage of 3 billion rubles, the investigation estimates. It was caused by sales of the property of The Ministry of Defense for lower prices to private firms. Once the facts of frauds with the land, shares and real estate of the Ministry of Defence received publicity, the ex-head of department, Anatoly Serdyukov, lost his post, but was not charged.



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