The Bell tells about business of Beglov’s assistant Liubov Sovershaeva

The Bell tells about business of Beglov’s assistant Liubov Sovershaeva
Liubov Sovershaeva

The official and her relatives own multiple assets in the Leningrad region and other regions.

The Bell has posted an investigation into business of Liubov Sovershaeva, a deputy head of a Governor of Saint Petersburg Aleksander Beglov. In 1990s, the official carried out privatization in Saint Petersburg. Later, she worked with media-assets of Yury Kovalchuk. Lately, she has been responsible for elections in the city.

The Bell reports that during her administration, major assets of Saint Petersburg were sold out, including the Merchant Court, Astoria hotel, Lenenergo and a seaport of Saint Petersburg.

In 2000, Sovershaeva became a deputy head of an envoy of the President in the Northwestern Federal District. She supervised the economical block of the region. During her administration, 6 head were changed, including Valentina Matviyenko, Ilya Klebanov and Aleksander Beglov. Thanks to her status, the official could join the board of management of the region’s major companies: a seaport of Ust-lug and a power engineering Territorial Generating Company #1 and others.

Besides that, the official dealt with 'reduction of things to order’ at the local media. Starting from 2004, she had helped the city authorities get rid of assets of Channel 5 that had delivered troubles. In 2007, structures tied to Yury Kovalchuk became the owners of the TV-channel. In a year, it became a part of Kovalchuk’s new mediaholding National Media Group, along with Izvestiya newspaper and REN TV.

In mid-2000s, Sovershaeva cut short her political career and became a head of the board of management at Abros company which is, according to The Bell, very important for a bank Russia. Abros supervised multiple secondary assets of the bank, including an insurance company Sogaz.

During her work at the bank from 2006 up to 2013, Sovershaeva was responsible for foreign contacts in the Northwestern Federal District, including communication with government agencies. In 2011, the official received 16.5 per cent at ABR Management that took the function of Abros to manage secondary assets at Russia. At the present time, it is unknown whether Sovershaeva still has this share. As of June, 2019, ABR Management had 49.2 per cent of shareholders of Russia, including Kovalchuk’s 37.5 per cent.

The official’s daughter Svetlana and her son-in-law Albert Beyneshev own 25 per cent of shares at Tverskoy electromechanic plant where toilet complexes, air conditioners and lighting for passengers’ trains are constructed, as well as major shares at tens of companies of heavy manufacturing - tied to Transmashholding owned by businessmen Iskander Makhmudov and Andrey Bokarev.

Svetlana Sovershaeva also owns 25 per cent of “the city’s beauty sphere” ID/39 and 30 per cent of a commercial agency Sign SPB.

Husband of an owner of Sign SPB Olga Karpova - Igor Karpov - was a head of a Saint Petersburg-based City center of commercial and festive design. The center dealt with distributing commercial sites in the city. When appeared, Sign SPB started posting commercial in up-scale sites limited audience could afford - strategic partners of Petersburg. Among the orders, there are large scale boards of Russia bank and a city holiday of graduates Alye parusa sponsored by the same bank. In 2012, the regional media called Sign SPB “a serious player that can runs for the supervisor of exterior advertising in the Leningrad region.

Besides that, Svetlana Sovershaeva and her spouse are partners of a Tver-based holding Transkomponent that owns 60 per cent of OOO PK Transportnoy sistemy. This company turned out to be the only participant of a competition related to transportation of low-floor trams for 2 billion rubles ($80 million). When Aleksander Beglov became an acting Governor of Saint Petersburg, he promised to develop the tram network in the city, having stated that the city needed low-floor trams for persons with disabilities.



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