500 thousand dollars corruption case led to prosecutor Kudeneev’s resignation

500 thousand dollars corruption case led to prosecutor Kudeneev’s resignation
Alexey Volkov is facing three years sentence for fraud

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation has closed a scandalous case, which led to resignation of Moscow prosecutor Sergey Kudeneev suspected of corruption. According to the investigation, ex-head of the Department for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance for Moscow and the Moscow Region Alexei Volkov received a bribe of 500 thousand dollars for a promise to commute a sentence for the head of the bankrupt First Republic Bank, according to Kommersant.

As reported, defendant’s lawyer Andrey Yakovlev believes that materials of the investigation are based on assumptions and do not prove guilt of his client. According to Alexey Volkov’s defense, the case "has been transferred to the court long time ago." 

Former head of the department specializing on the farming industry supervision for Moscow and the Moscow Region Alexey Volkov was arrested red-handed in July 2015 in the Coffeemania café, when receiving a bribe of 500 thousand dollars. As the investigation found out, the ex-official promised to commute a sentence for businessman Levon Amedyan’s eldest brother - Vice-President of the bankrupt First Republican Bank Sergey Hayrapetyan. Sergey Hayrapetyan got three years penal for dissipating of the bank's assets in the amount of more than 1.7 billion rubles. 

As the Investigative Committee reported, relatives of the convicted banker gave testimony on Volkov to the FSB. The fact is that in the summer of 2015, when the appeal of Hayrapetyan’s lawyer was considered, prosecutor asked to reduce sentence of the banker. However, the Moscow City Court upheld the conviction. Answering why promise to soften the term was not fulfilled, Volkov said he would organize abolition of the sentence in a higher court. Sergey Hayrapetyan’s relatives did not believe his explanation and appealed to the FSB. Volkov received the bribe in the Coffeemania, being under supervision of law enforcement authorities.

Alexey Volkov is incriminated over fraud in a large scale. The criminal case under Part 3 of Art. 30 and Part 4. of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Preparation for a crime and Attempt to commit crime, and Fraud) has been initiated.

Volkov denies his guilt, despite his confession given earlier during the investigation. Moreover, the former official said, that he received 500 thousand dollars, which were destined for then Moscow prosecutor Sergey Kudeneev for Sergey Hayrapetyan’s mitigation of punishment. According to Volkov, they are in close relations with Sergey Kudeneev.

Экс-прокурор Москвы Сергей Куденеев

Photo: Former Moscow prosecutor Sergey Kudeneev

The materials of the investigation point out that Alexey Volkov has previously figured in criminal cases connected with fraud, also has "close relationship with high-ranking law enforcement officials." In fact, in 2006-2007, the ex-official was suspected on corruption in several criminal cases. In 2006, Volkov was arrested on suspicion of taking a bribe, but the case was dismissed by the Moscow City Prosecutor's Office. By the way, this event took place, while Sergey Kudeneev was chief of Department for Supervision over legitimacy of criminal punishment and detention of accused in custody of the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation. In 2007, Alexey Volkov was ones again accused in extortion, but he was acquitted by trial jury.

Evidence given by Volkov during cooperation with the investigation became a basis for checks against Moscow prosecutor Sergey Kudeneev. The investigation didn’t find direct evidence against Sergey Kudeneev. However, in 2015 after suspicion of corruption, Moscow prosecutor resigned. Presidential decree on Kudeneev’s dismissal was issued on 30 September of 2015.

Currently, Alexey Volkov is in a pre-trial detention center. The ex-officer faces three years sentence of imprisonment.    



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