Tambov prison officer caught taking bribe from former prisoner

Tambov prison officer caught taking bribe from former prisoner

Police has initiated a case against a former prison officer for taking a bribe in the Tambov Region. The perpetrator was caught red-handed in the Rasskazovsky District.

Employees of the 2nd Department for Investigating High-Level Cases of the Office of Investigations of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Samara Region finished investigating the case against the former prison officer of the Prison № 3 for breaking the article 290, part 3 (Taking a bribe by a functionary, a foreign functionary or a functionary of a public international organization for unlawful actions (inaction)) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The Department investigates economic crimes against state authority.

The perpetrator took a 62.000 rubles bribe from a former prisoner, according to the investigators. He was to snuck mobile phones and mobile phone components behind the prison walls in exchange for the money.

FSB officers arrested him when trying to snuck the items behind the prison walls. The perpetrator claimed he did not receive any money for his ‘service’ during the investigation. However, the police managed to find evidence proving that he did. The case has been transferred to court for further consideration.



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