Tambov Mayor resigned: multimillion theft at roads construction

Tambov Mayor resigned: multimillion theft at roads construction
Yuri Rogachev

The ICR initiated a criminal case against the head of LLC Story-Line Ordi Shamoyan on suspicion of embezzlement of budget funds at the construction of roads in the Tambov region. Meanwhile, the Mayor Yuri Rogachev is suspected of abuse of official powers.

Tambov City Duma deputies adopted a statement on the early resignation of the Mayor Yuri Rogachev because of the scandal with the construction of roads in the region. Earlier, the Governor Alexander Nikitin advised the parliamentarians to take Rogachev's resignation explaining it with a concern about ethics.

The Tambov Mayor wrote a statement about the early retirement on his own immediately after the ICR suspected him of Abuse of Official Powers (Art. 285 of the Criminal Code) at the roads construction in the Znamenskoye district, while occupying the post of the Administration Head (2011-2015). In addition, the regional branch of Edinaya Rossiya party also declared its readiness to eliminate Rogachev from the party in the event of initiation of the criminal case against him.

The ex-Mayor faces up the criminal case into the embezzlement of budget funds at the construction of roads in the Znamenskoye district. During the inspection the regional FSB revealed the theft of 118 million rubles from the district budget allocated to the contractor LLC Story-Line to repair roads in the villages of Mikhailovka and Borozda. The company did not repair roads in the settlements. The Story-Line provided forged documents to the Znamenskoye district Administration reporting on the quantity and cost of works. Against the head of the company Ordi Shamoyan a criminal case was opened under part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (Swindling on an especially large scale). It should be noted that spent millions to non-existent road were returned to the district budget.

In connection with this case, Yuri Rogachev, who at that time served as the Head of the district Administration, may become a defendant under article abuse of official powers. The official signed a Story-Line's certificate of completion, while the contractor had not even begun to fulfill its obligations. Proceedings against Rogachev transferred to the Regional Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia.


Yuri Rogachev was born on September 11, 1963 in Malaya Danilovka village in the Tokarevsky district, the Tambov region. In 1988 he graduated from the Tambov State Pedagogical Institute, in 1992 - the Higher school of the KGB n.a. Dzerzhinsky. In the early 2000s Rogachev began his political career. From 2003 to 2007 he held the position of the Vice-Mayor of Tambov. From 2008 to 2011, he was the Chief of state housing inspection in the Tambov region. From 2011 to 2015 he held the post of the Administration Head of the Znamensky district, the Tambov region. Yuri Rogachev was elected the Head of Tambov on November 11, 2015, in his election program he laid stress on the renovation of urban roads.



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